World War 3 Is Currently Being Fought Between Old People And Social Media And It’s Outrageous

It’s always wonderful to see old people trying to keep up with technology. We have to give them credit for trying, but man oh man, sometimes it looks like a battle out there. There are tons of grandparents who spend way too much time on social media, and most of them have no idea what they’re doing.

From posting what was supposed to be a private message on their public page to not understanding EVERYONE can see their comments under a picture, they certainly have their struggles. World War 3 is currently being fought between these social platforms and your grandparents. This article is giving you a sneak peek into what ground zero looks like, and let me warn you, it’s not pretty.

A Grandma’s Intuition

is he there

There’s nothing wrong with a grandma who is just checking in on her grandson. She didn’t want to call the local store, she wanted the entire corporation to know that her son was coming in. It’s actually quite brilliant networking on her part.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in because of his poke bugs, which in millennial terms means he was out catching Pokémon. In his defense, catching that Charmander is probably more important.