Where’s Your Head At? The Most Confusing Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

Life can suck sometimes. When you hit a brick wall, it’s like you have no way of getting out of your funk. However, no matter how weird you get, just remember that there are people in your life who do some very questionable things.

Thanks to other maniacs and mad lads in the world, these folks will have you scratching your head while trying to figure out what’s going on.

He’s Onto Something


It’s not every day you see the weatherman in shorts. Well, he’s onto something here because a big heat wave is about to burst through. It’s the reason why he ditched the dress pants for the cargo shorts.

Next week won’t be any better, so I’m betting he’ll be rocking a tank top.



He’s weirder than most of the people on Hoarders. I don’t think it was necessary to do this, nevermind sprawl them out in your bathtub. Now your school is going to start wondering who stole all of the plastic spoons.

I mean, I feel like he could have stopped at like, 10 spoons.

Some People Love To Do Their Own Thing


Give it to this guy for doing what he wants. He’s pulling it off well too. However, this isn’t a good long-term solution. Although, the back of my laptop feels like a volcano is stuck inside.

I need a fast computer, and that won’t help at all.

The next one ahead may or may not give this guy a run for his money.

New Swagger


This person’s budget-friendly hack is pretty interesting. It’s going to make aspiring models very salty over your cheap creativity. So, I could buy $50 of red leather, slap some horrible looking shoes together, and sell them for $600? No thanks.

It’s not worth the trouble, much like those Big Baller Brand sneakers.

This Beyond Horrifying


My teeth are aching after someone thought this was okay to do. I get you’re creative and bold here, but you lose points for the nightmares you’ve created. It’s not like we want to see anything inside of your mouth.

I’m just happy that his mouth wasn’t covered in food when he did this.



I understand what you’re trying to do here, but it’s not the best idea. That poor mouse is like “Go away hooman. Let me down so I can go eat some stinking cheese!” Also, I hope this isn’t the same guy working out of his freezer.

That would be hilarious though.

The next one ahead will only make sense for people who love people coming to the front door.

Other Drivers Will Be Freaked Out By This


Uhhh, leaving a mannequin in your car isn’t a good idea. It’s a way to freak out other drivers, but it should ensure no one parks anywhere near you. It would have been hilarious if you dressed it up though.

Someone like Ned Flanders would have been funny, or Dwight Schrute could’ve worked too.

Getting Stuff Done


With the scented candle, there’s nothing wrong with this idea. I mean, if you have to go and have stuff to get done, go for it. It will undoubtedly help you multi-task, especially when you have that paper due at midnight.

But, be sure to keep it clean and PLEASE wash your hands.

It Made Sense To The One Who Did It


I’m a big supporter of Waluigi, but even I don’t want to see this first thing in the morning. While this might have been a great Halloween prank, I feel like this would have ruined giving out candy to trick-or-treaters that year.

However, Waluigi deserves a pass because he’s clearly the best.

The villain in this situation took it one step further in the next one ahead. This time, in a lecture hall.

Every Ketchup Lover’s Dream Come


Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa left a surprise for someone. I know most kids love ketchup with their food, but as an adult? This is a bit too much.

Thanks to these folks hogging all of the bottles, I’m sure they had to pick up some extras at the restaurant across the street.

Coming Out Of Her Cage


Stop what you’re doing! Nicolas Cage is awesome, how dare you. I guess this is the art of trolling, but any fan of the actor won’t be pleased. Like, I don’t come into your cubical and mess things up.

I could very well replace your photo with pictures of Steve Buscemi.

Evil In The Lecture Hall


Speaking of villains like Waluigi, this is pure evil. It’s no different than some lousy kid coming into the classroom with a laser pointer. That professor is going to be tearing their hair out trying to figure out what’s happening to their slideshow.

If all the kids are having a breakdown, shouldn’t the teachers have one too?

Coming up, a questionable, but bold move that might be enough to get a ticket from the cops.

Chug Chug Chug


Now, that’s impressive. He’s the kind of guy you don’t want to challenge in a beer chugging contest. With the way his mouth is opened for the down poor, he’s going to embarrass you.

But, what’ll be more embarrassing will be watching someone try to get the mug out of his mouth.

Not The Best Way To Play Jenga

Pleated Jeans

That’s their fault. They initiated this plan after playing Jenga for hours on end. Although, these folks are pretty confident for pulling this off. Their hammocking skills are on point, but what happens if the person on top has to go to the bathroom?

It’s going to suck when this masterpiece backfires.

Bold Move


I bet you $50 that this clown is going to get pulled over. It doesn’t seem like they will be going far on the road in that thing. Hopefully, they know where they’re going.

But, with how fast they’re going, they’re either late for a game or their court date.

Read ahead to see why one driver is hoping they don’t hit a pole on the highway.

Hold Up For A Second


What is going on here? The food combination here is enough for your dentist to fill in like eight cavities in your teeth. If there’s one thing that’s missing about Froot Loops, it’s apparently a healthy serving of Mountain Dew.

Also, Lucky Charms could have worked for this too.

What A Mad Lad!


When I was younger, I used to put my friend’s name as video game characters. It would go unnoticed until the next day, which is a fun way of saying, “I suck at video games but good at trolling my friends.”

But, it sucked when he would get back at me.

Don’t Hit A Pole


Who needs this many chairs? It would make sense if this were for a family reunion, but the driver could be on the way to the dump. I’m sure it’s some disgruntled teacher who didn’t get the promotion to principal.

It was the only way to take his anger out.

Nope, Not Doing That


Save the savagery for the rest of us. One person decided to be bold and become an anarchist. He doesn’t have a care in the world, especially when he’s on a quest.

He may be in a hurry, so he’s skipping the line to get what he needs ASAP.

Long Bread, Anyone?


That’s enough to fit a pack of hot dogs. Subway artists would be ashamed to see this because that’s not how a foot-long looks. I’m sure some people in this world love soggy planks of wet bread.

For others, that’s enough to run to the bathroom to vomit and gag.