These Underagers Came, Saw, Showed Their Fake IDs, And Absolutely Did Not Conquer

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had or tried to get a fake ID at one point during our teenage years. Whether it’s finding someone who’s older and looks like you, to hitting the black market for some forged documents — almost everyone at least tries it.

There’s a certain rush that’s involved with using a fake and it’s mildly addictive. Some of us had better fakes than others, and it showed with the success rate of getting into the bars. Unfortunately for the people in this article, I’m guessing the combined success rate is zero.

Chicka Chicka Yeah, Fake ID

Reddit / 1Mclovin

Ah, the classic fake ID. Thanks to the movie Superbad, the name Mclovin’ is known in every household.

Most people don’t end up looking like the iconic fake ID, which makes their attempt to pull it out at the bar a bad one. That is until this young fellow came along.

A Whole School Getting Put On Blast


This strip club is making it very obvious that they know there are many kids trying to make their way into the establishment.

Not only did they turn them away at the door, but they put them on blast in public, which is absolutely hilarious. Threatening to tell their mothers will certainly keep them away.

Fake ID Decor


When you’ve been in business a long time, you collect a lot of fake IDs along the way. Instead of just letting them sit in a drawer, you might as well make the most of it.

This bar decided to fully decorate their tables with fakes and I think it’s a masterful display of terror.

The Fake ID Grave


If I’m underage and looking to buy beer at this store and I see this display, I’m backing away slowly and heading back out the door.

This is a perfect way to scare off potential underage buyers. It’s basically the scarecrow of a liquor store. It’s humiliating to get your ID taken.

Get You A Friend Like This

Reddit / djdatvoiler

The point of having a fake ID is to make sure it looks legit. One of the easiest tells that the license is fake is if the picture is poor quality.

That’s why you need to get a friend who is willing to put in the work and effort to get headshots like this.

Fake Or Not, He’s Getting Let In


If I’m a bouncer and see a Pablo Escobar ID, I’m doing everything in my power to ensure that he has the best time.

I’m not interested in having my entire family killed just because I suspect a fake ID. This kid has a bulletproof (no pun intended) strategy and it’s incredible.

Just Take The 6 Pack And Go


This ID is working perfectly for a relaxed establishment. The problem becomes when they ask for a second piece.

I just hope this good boy brought his passport or something. I mean, three human years is technically 21 dog years so I think that the chances are pretty good he’ll get to walk away with that beer.

Straight To The Point


You know what, if you’re going to go for it you might as well be as clear as possible. This is a Hail Mary toss to the end zone if you can’t find a fake ID for yourself.

Your only hope is that the bouncer is so taken aback by the confidence you have that he lets you in based strictly on that.

“So I Can Send ANY Picture?”

Reddit / dummystupid

Look, it’s disappointing that you’re not allowed to smile in your license picture. You end up having to give an expression that makes you look like you’re a serial killer.

This guy on the other hand wanted to show that he’s a ladies man. I think other States should allow this.

Note To Self: Don’t Tell Parents

Reddit / disbishdee

A mom found out that her son had aqcuired a fake ID so she took matters into her own hands. She went around to the bars in the area and posted this sign up.

Come on mom, let the kid have some fun. Not only are you not allowing him to enjoy the bars, but you’re publicly humiliating him in the process.

Changing Your Facial Expression To Match Your ID’s >


We’ve all seen that person trying to get into a bar with their fake. They’re making the exact same face as on the ID, which is an obvious tell. Like we said, most people look like serial killers in their photo.

Don’t steal their look. If it was really you, why would you have taken so much time making sure you can make that face all over again? It’s an obvious tell.

Living His Best Life


Who knew that Nelson Mandela was living his best life in Alabama? He went from trying to end racism in South Africa and around the world, to tailgating at a Bama football game.

Also, it’s important to note that he lives on Peace Ave and is six foot 10. This seems very legit.

I Think It’ll Pass

Reddit / andrewperon

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This guy’s best bet is to walk up to the bouncer, hand him his ID and then sneeze on his face.

Why? Well, you need to distract the vision of the bouncer as much as possible. If that means pulling his eyes out then you do that too.

I Dare You To Turn This Good Boy Away


How can you say no to a face like this? Most of us have dogs or know people who have dogs, which means you probably understand how incredible this is.

My dog can barely eat his own food without face planting. This dog got a picture done, filled out questionnaires etc. That’s impressive.

Santa Isn’t Who You Think He Is


If a bouncer doesn’t let Santa Claus into the bar, then I don’t know what to tell you. Yes, the picture is pre-white beard and sobriety, but they didn’t know the negative effects of alcohol back in 1870 when this picture was taken.

Let Santa get his bar time in before he’s trapped in the North Pole for a few months before Christmas.

For Some People, It’s Easy As Pie

Twitter / @graacieT_

Some young people are just blessed with looking older than they actually are. For guys who have beards or girls who look like they already have two kids, getting into the bars is easy as pie.

This girl is pumped she got let in, but as someone points out we’re not surprised at all. We’re expecting her to want to “talk to the manager” at Walmart very shortly.

Come On, You HAVE To Serve That Person


It’s one thing to have someone’s fake ID that you know. Whether it’s an older sibling, or an older friend, you at least have an idea of where you can and can’t pull it out.

When it’s someone completely random that’s been passed through the underage vine, you risk getting caught at all times. I just hope this bartender gave her, uh, self a drink.

The Nerves Turn Into Dance Floor Energy

Instagram / @YIKYAKAPP

The whole night you sit with your friends sipping on a light beer at the pre drink. The nerves rush over you in waves as you remember that you have to memorize someone else’s name, address, and zip code.

There’s so much stress that leads up to the moment you hand your ID to the bouncer. The second you get let in successfully, it’s a moment of pure bliss and excitement. You feel on top of the world.

When You Want To Get Let Into Chuck E Cheese


Not all fake IDs are for the sole purpose of making you look old enough to get into a bar. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite.

This guy wanted to have his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese but you can’t be an adult. So, he created a fake ID and I think that it looks pretty legit.

A Great Alternative

Twitter / @k3llytweets

This is the kind of fake ID that we should all be wanting. It’s way more valuable to be saving money on bulk food than it is to be getting let into a bar.

You can’t buy 75 mustard bottles and 65 packets of ketchup with a fake license, but you can with a fake Costco card.