These Tragically Funny Mishaps Totally Ruined A Night Out

When you and the squad haven’t been to a club or a bar in a while, you tend to forget what’s keeping you away for so long. Then, you start to reminisce about all the degenerates that come from those nights and you quickly begin to realize that it’s probably just safe to not go out.

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful night out. If one of those factors go awry, your night is probably doomed. This article shows all the things that can, and have gone wrong on a night out and it’s incredibly relatable.

You Forget How To Do ANYTHING

Instagram / @kalesalad

When you’re really drunk and just want to eat, you forget how to do anything. The most mundane activities become nearly impossible. Heck, just walking from one end of your studio apartment to the next becomes a marathon.

Mac and cheese is very easy to make. Like, one of the easiest ever. Yet, this girl completely forgot that you have to cook the noodles first. This is just tragic to look at.