These Students Prove That Surviving College Is An Olympic Sport With No Gold Medals

Anyone who says that surviving college is easy has never actually survived college. Your years in post-secondary education are unlike any other you’ll ever have to go through. You’re poor, but young. You’re stressed, but not willing to do anything about it.

We should give a lot more credit to people who can successfully survive four years of college. There are so many distractions and “firsts” that you have to go through It’s a rollercoaster that many people get thrown off halfway through. You think the Olympics are hard? Try college.

Close Enough Though?

how is college going
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If you’ve taken any math in college, you know this to be incredibly true. As much as you want to blame the professor for not preparing you well enough, when you don’t show up for half of the classes, it’s hard to do well.

But, this answer is deeper than any math equation or answer. It represents the struggle of every college student who thinks they have it all together, but clearly, they don’t.