These People Need Their Driver’s License Revoked ASAP

They are your friends, they’re your neighbors, they’re your parents, and they’re DEFINITELY your grandparents. Yes, yes, you guessed it — we’re talking about bad drivers. Driving is a skill that not all of us have. We barely get taught how to drive and are expected to just maneuver around the roads seamlessly without any trouble. It’s not like we’re driving huge pieces of metal inches away from each other at 60 mph or anything.

The people in this article should have their license revoked immediately because they’re a danger to themselves and others. Buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

SUV Privilege

SUV parking
Imgur | DrHollie

This is a classic case of someone driving their SUV and thinking they have privilege over a car. For too long cars have literally been driven all over with no regard. The driver of this vehicle definitely doesn’t think that he’s doing anything wrong, which is their main problem, to begin with.

In fact, this woman IS probably the driver of the truck and she’s giddy with what she just did.