These People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To And It’s Embarrassingly Hilarious

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are some very opinionated people on this planet. Social media, for the better or for the worse, has made sharing those opinions publicly VERY easy.

While a healthy debate between ideas is a good thing, often times, one side of the argument is just plain wrong. Unfortunately for some people, they get into a bout with the wrong person. I’ll leave you with this advice — ALWAYS check the author of your argument.

Know Where You’re Getting Your Arguments From

Twitter / @brokeymcpoverty

If you’re going into an argument about a policy issue, don’t support YOUR argument with a paper from your opponent.

That’s exactly what happened here and as much as I want to feel bad for the guy, I just can’t. That’s just plain ignorance that opened him up to deserve what he had coming.

No Point In Overkillin’ It

Twitter / @AstroMack

When almost every single climate scientist says that global warming is a man-made issue, you should AT LEAST take the argument seriously.

One click onto this astrophysicist’s Twitter page would’ve revealed that she has, in fact, learned some actual SCIENCE. I don’t know Gary, if you have the word RAT in your Twitter name, I’m already inclined to believe you’re blowing some smoke.

Had A Front Row Seat

Twitter / @LizzieSimmonds1

Imagine seeing an Olympic swimmer and then trying to convert them to your country club team. I mean, shooters shoot.

Maybe Lizzie was the diamond in the rough that this country club swim team was looking for. I think that it’s safe to say Lizzie had front row seats to her Olympics.

No, Like, I Am Her

Twitter / @MaraWilson

If you’re not aware, Mara Wilson played Matilda Wormwood in the movie, you guessed it, Matilda. She also played Natalie Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire which are both timeless movies.

I mean, I can’t say that I would’ve recognized Mara if you looked at her character in the movie, but it’s still a hilarious story.

Absolutely, Probably Not Here

Twitter / @TonyHawk

It’s weird. You never expect to be around celebrities in real life. You see their name but they look so different in person.

Most celebs are WAY shorter then you think they are. Like, Bruno Mars is basically the size of an ant, as is Tom Cruise. The mission was impossible for Tom because he couldn’t see over a car dashboard.

I’m Watching You


This perfectly describes how social media has changed the way we think and interact with each other.

These people just want a picture with Lewis Black, but not THE Lewis Black, who is sitting just 20 feet away. Why? Because that would be human-to-human interaction. My point is even confusing me a little as I re-read it, but I’m sticking to it.

The Power Of Interpretation, I Guess

Twitter / @jk_rowling

It’s really funny that this person is trying to explain JK Rowling’s thinking to JK Rowling. I have a feeling that she knows exactly how Snape should be portrayed.

It’s cringe to see someone attempt to figure out what Rowling was thinking while writing the series. I guess that’s the power of interpretation.

Shots Fired, Shots Fired

Twitter / @CuntryCounselor

“You obviously don’t know the thing that you’ve gone to school for 8 years to know so shame on you.”

I will say, the tank top argument is a bit weak. First of all, they’re breathable. Second of all, your clothing has no correlation to someone’s intelligence. Unless you wear Crocs. Then I’m judging you.

Straight From The Source

Twitter / @dave204

While a lot of people point at politics for fake news, there’s a lot of speculation and fake narratives that follow sports as well.

This dad is putting one of those conspiracy theorists with no knowledge of the actual situation in his place. It’s the mic-drop of all mic-drops. Savage.

Never Drink Your Own Stuff

Twitter / @StephenAmell

You know what? I’ll give it to this bartender that Stephen Amell and Chris O’Donnell actually look decently alike.

Now, he’s maybe drank a few too many of his own jagr bombs in thinking that O’Donnell plays the Green Arrow, but we should give him a bit of a pass on that one.

How Well Do You REALLY Know Yourself?

Twitter / @ProfJoSharp

There’s ONE person in this world that you can truly understand, and that person is yourself. Well, maybe not in Jo Sharp’s case.

Imagine the anger you would feel by having someone tell you that they understand your work better then you understand your work? There would be chairs thrown.

I Don’t Know, It’s A Tough Industry To Break Into Annie

Facebook / Annie Lennox

Oh man, this is pretty funny to read. Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer who is best known for her vocals in the group Eurythmics.

She’s literally won four Grammy awards, a Billboard Century Award, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. I have a feeling that she just might win some radio air time.

Wait, The One That Sailed The Ocean Blue?

Twitter / @LindaColumbus

I mean, I don’t want to make this a sexism thing, but I’m leaving my options open. This person probably saw Professor Columbus on the syllabus and assumed it was, uh, Christopher?

I guess I don’t blame this person. I would be really excited to have Christopher Columbus as my professor too.

That Doesn’t Exempt You From The Bandwagon

Twitter / @Benny_b0y10

Benson, listen up. Just because you play on the team doesn’t mean that you’re also not playing in the band. You’re pigeonholing yourself by saying you don’t have musical talent.

Yes, it’s true. The band is only as good as the team they’re cheering for, but we need to make it clear that players can still ride the bandwagon. Are you following? Me neither.

“That’s Great Katie, But I Want One With My Bestie”

Twitter / @MayaDiradio

Celebrities are great to take pictures with and all, but have you ever HAD your picture taken by one? My guess is probably not.

These two don’t care about Katie because they’re on a mission to get a “BFFs forever” picture, and it would be a fraud for Ledecky to be in it.

Oh Tinder, You Continue To Surprise Me

Twitter / @mymonsterchic

Can we just talk about how self proclaimed nerds can NEVER be wrong. As much as they don’t want to believe it, they’re the least open-minded people on the planet.

There’s a level of narcissism in comic book nerds that is unseen in any other community. It can be perfectly summed up here.

I Feel Like They’re Well Sourced

Twitter / @DejiDiva

Say what you want about heads of state. Yes, some of them are arrogant. Yes, some are even unintelligent, but one thing they’re not is uninformed.

What they do with their knowledge is up for debate. But, whether they have good enough sources is really not up for debate. Sorry.

I Would Know

Twitter / @vincestaples

I’m a bit torn on this one. On one hand, I want to believe Vince Staples is telling the truth, but there could be room for the other side of the story being right too.

Vince could be in complete denial of the situation. Getting booed by an entire crowd would be humiliating.

Shove That Smugness Right Back Into That Mouth

Twitter / @c4Ciaran

As the internet has expanded, so have the amount of news sources that people can get information from.

Many of these news sources verify almost none of their claims. Ironically, Channel 4 is usually pretty reliable. So it was the guy throwing insults who was the ignorant one for all to see.

That Statement Is False

Twitter / @upulie

First of all, there are many trashy girls who have made it far in life. I’s a skill that not many people have.

Second of all, it would’ve taken three seconds of his day to click on her profile and see that she’s an insanely smart person. There aren’t a whole lot of trashy molecular biologists.