These People Are Straight Garbage, But At Least It’s Better Than Being Boring

There’s a certain type of honor bestowed on someone who is considered “garbage.” In fact, many of us wear that emblem with pride. Besides, who wants to be normal and boring? We all do questionable things every once in a while, but some of us frequent the questionable category more than others.

It’s both a beautiful and horrible way to live, but the key to happiness is accepting who you are. If you’re trash, own it, live it, and love it. Oh, and by the way, you’re not alone in that garbage can. If you don’t believe me, have a look at these people who should be taken to the curb every garbage day.

You Do What You Have To Do

vancity ryan
Twitter / gabidunn99

When your boyfriend breaks up with you and you have fresh prom pictures, you have to make moves. You didn’t spend the $400 on a dress and the gazillion hours on your hair and makeup to only be able to post ONE prom picture.

So, if you have to cut out your ex, you do it. If you have to turn him into a celebrity like Ryan Reynolds, you do that too.