These People Are So Broke, Homeless People Snicker As They Walk By

There’s nothing fun about being broke. Not only does it add a lot of stress into your life, but you have to put in so much more effort just to do basic stuff. Us broke people understand the value of everyday items like a simple band t-shirt. We’ll wear that thing until it looks like it has seventeen bullet holes in it.

Being broke is a state of mind that many people can relate to. We’ve gathered up some of the “most broke” moments from across the internet that will make you feel so much better about your financial situation. Trust me.

The Sneaky Scramble

Twitter / @WeNotSocks

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being at the front of the line and order, only to have your card get declined. Not only do you have to put on your Oscar award-winning act that you’re completely shocked it happened, but you knew damn well it might.

This guy was lucky that he was in the drive-thru and had an easy out. You’re not as lucky if you’re inside the store with 15 people behind you.