These Neighbors Are Satan In Human Flesh And You’re Not Telling Me Any Different

For almost everyone, having neighbors is just something we all have to deal with. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tolerate those neighbors and if you’re lucky, you’ll even like them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Some people just shouldn’t live beside or near each other in any capacity. The neighbors in this article are nightmares. These are the worst of the worst and I’ve put this together as a “feel good piece” so that you know just how good you have it, even if you’re neighbors with elephants that apparently do bowling in their apartment living room.

That’s Not An Empty Threat

if i catch you leaving
Reddit | NatTasTroPhe

There’s nothing more disrespectful than a neighbor’s dog pooping on your freshly groomed lawn. Look, it’s not the dog’s fault that your lawn looks like a great place to relieve itself, but it’s the owner’s job to pick it up after.

This little note isn’t an empty threat. This will turn into an unwanted chocolate war so quickly if this neighbor doesn’t get his/her act together.

The Untouchable Garden

do not feed squirrels
Imgur / passiveaggressive

Don’t you dare get between aunt Sharon and her perfect garden. If you’ve ever had a neighbor that lives and breaths for their garden, you know they’re cut throat. They’ll murder you with their garden hoe and somehow plant you into a beautiful flowerbed so quickly if you disturb their garden.

My guess is that Sharon has these squirrels locked up somewhere in her garden shed because they had the audacity to bury their food for those long winter months.

This Is A Level Of Hate We Won’t Understand

snow on stairs
Reddit | Whitlow14

If you haven’t hated someone before, you’re doing life wrong. Feeling hate is a natural human emotion and it’s just reality that we’re not going to mesh with everyone we come in contact with. But, even the person I hate the most wouldn’t warrant this treatment from me.

Whoever this is must have a level of hate toward their neighbor that none of us have ever felt before. This is crazy.

“Pay Me For That Fence”

Reddit | dreampopper

Yikes, something tells me this isn’t going to go well. This is the end result of someone asking their neighbor for money after their dog broke the fence. Instead of coming with some cash, the neighbor came with a wheelbarrow full of pennies.

My best guess is that the two people in this white trash exchange of funds ended up on the Jerry Springer show or something. This is some trailer park stuff.

“Let Me Make It More Clear”

resident parking
Reddit | mshelbz

Parking spots at apartment buildings are hard to come by. When you pay for a spot and your neighbor keeps parking in it because it’s convenient, there comes a tipping point when all bets are off.

Leaving a note is obviously not doing the job, so naturally, harpooning a sign into the back window of the car is the next step. I feel like there are other options but to each their own.

Now That’s Petty

grass grass (1)
Reddit | bmorebirdz

There’s an unwritten rule that if you get along with your neighbor and you have a riding lawn mower, you also mow their grass every once in a while. The thicker the “no mans land” long grass is, the more aggressive the hatred is toward each other.

For example, these two hate each other. In fact, there’s enough room in this patch of grass to have a full-blown war.

A Wi-Fi Beef

Reddit | CaptainTyborc

This is the most millennial neighborhood beef I think that I’ve ever seen. There’s no way that two baby boomers would be tech-savvy enough to have a Jerry Springer clap back through wi-fi names.

With that being said, anyone who’s an adult and still misuses “your” and “you’re” deserves to be called out in the most public way possible. Grammar police suck, but that’s just basic stuff at this point.

This Is Dedication

Reddit | therealsix

It’s one thing to put up a sign on your own lawn to let your neighbor know how you feel about them. It’s another thing to do a full crop circle cut out. This is not only hilarious, but it’s impressive.

Now, not only will people in the area know that he’s an idiot, but passengers on flights that live in different states will know not to buy houses near this bum.

Thanks For The Honesty

we can see you
Reddit | worstleashes

This is something that happens a lot more than anyone wants to admit. This is like when you see someone walking around with a booger in their nose or their fly of their pants undone without knowing. You should probably tell them to save them from future embarrassment.

There are times when ignorance is bliss, but if you give the person 10 minutes of embarrassment instead of a lifetime of it — you did your job.

It’s Only Going To Get Worse

your move

Again, if you want to be a good neighbor, you should probably put an emphasis on communication. There are some people who would rather call the cops on petty issues that can be resolved through a conversation and it’s never worked out in their favor.

This person got the police called on them because their lawn was too long. Well, now they have about 20 flamingos as their new inhabitants next door.

Just A Quick FYI

you might thought

For anyone looking to move into an apartment, be sure to inquire about any potential bowling elephants in the area. Unsurprisingly, they are one of, if not THE worst neighbors to have.

If the people who own these talented elephants leave for a little while, you can rest assured that they’re going to practice in the living room with no regard to anyone else in the building. This is your fair warning.

THAT Neighbor

arrow arrow
Reddit | Ceedog48

Sometimes neighbors can be annoying because they’re just extra about absolutely everything. They’re the ones who deck their house up for everything and are super dedicated for every holiday.

These are the ones that are happy about EVERYTHING and it’s annoying. You just want them to be angry about something so that it makes you feel better about your sad life. It’s easy to see which house is which in this picture.

Well, There’s That

grandson poop
Reddit | SrgntPeppers

Being a grandparent is WAY better than being a parent to a young child. Grandparents get to see the little kids whenever they want, and the kids will basically do everything a grandma or grandpa tell them.

If a little dude gets the green light from papa to go onto a lawn and take a big poop, you don’t think he’s going to follow through on it? This will be the highlight of his young life.

Okay, I Did Something 🙂


When your neighbor is more concerned about what you’re doing on your property than their own, little jabs like this are hilarious. Yes, dandelions aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not up to your neighbor what you do on your property.

So, this person decided to start a little yard sale, dandelion style, and it couldn’t be a better clap back to the passive-aggressive note left by this nightmare neighbor.

Take THAT Vacuum Monster

my niehgbor
Reddit | MGLLN

Living in an apartment and having to rely on the people above you not being complete idiots is very frustrating. You’re putting your sanity in the hands of people you’ve never met, and probably never will.

When they turn out to be the reincarnated version of Satan, your world gets turned upside down. You start paying for their bad habits like when they decide they want to vacuum at 3 am.

Annnnd, I’m Out

neighbors have unsecured
Imgur | 2amandwideawake

If this happened to me, I would be moving so fast. In fact, I wouldn’t just move out of the house, I would sign up for those “first to Mars” contests just to avoid all the supernatural stuff that goes on.

The six-second intervals would be all that I would need to completely remove myself from the continent that I was currently living on. Goodbye Casper, I’m not interested in the slightest.

Some People Don’t Deserve Dogs

barks and barks
Reddit | jagershotzz

It’s really difficult to get mad at a dog, but it’s very easy if that dog doesn’t stop barking. There’s this visceral anger at the dog when it barks at every car that drives by the house at 3 am. The anger should be geared toward the owner, and this picture is a hilarious example of how to do this.

It goes to show that some people shouldn’t be dog owners under any circumstances.

This Is Incredibly Disrespectful

when police arrived
Reddit | JonathanWarner

Look, if you decide to live in a neighborhood, it’s important that you become very aware of who you’re living beside. Yes, it’s important to call the police if you think something is wrong, but it’s more important to know the Rocky movies.

If you can’t tell the difference between a Rocky movie soundtrack and dialogue from an actual fight happening between real people, you should be arrested. Full stop.

Some Internal Political Rivalries

romney ryan
Reddit | randyjman

It’s always interesting to see families who have very different political views. If one is a Republican and one is a Democrat, you wonder how they can ever get along on some of the big issues affecting policy.

This wife wants to make it very clear that she does not support her husband’s views. My guess is that dinner was probably pretty quiet that night, and every other night since then.

The Ultimate Neighborhood Hater

Imgur | DontKnowCantCare

It’s one thing to be passive-aggressive towards your neighbor that you have a disliking for. It’s another thing to order an Amazon package to your neighbor’s house and tell them to “drive through the front door” in the special instructions.

I guess that’s true door-to-door service but it’s going to be pretty breezy in that house for the next couple of days as they fix up that front door.