These Men Might Be Crazy, But They’re Not Wrong

The age-old debate just never seems to want to end. Who is the smarter gender, men or women? We’re certainly not about to decide that here today, but we can give you some anecdotal evidence that we’ve found on the internet.

Rarities occur in nature all the time, from Halley’s comet to blue moons to albino raccoons (yes they exist). Sometimes, maybe once in their lifetime, men will act crazy AND be right. It seems impossible, but I’m here to tell you that it can happen. Girlfriend’s and wives might not believe me just yet, but after reading this article, your opinion will change.

Two Birds, One Stone

gold fish
Instagram / @audreyandpups

This is the classic case of a husband just thinking ahead. He made this purchase thinking about the entire family, not just the fish. He got Goldfish so that everyone can eat good tonight. If you don’t think real goldfish don’t like the baked Goldfish, you’re wrong.

This purchase was made in the most selfless way possible. The only way it could’ve been better was if the Goldfish were pizza flavored.

He Wants You To Care Less About Your Image

Reddit / sensiblechuckles

In a world that cares so much about personal image, this is probably doing everyone a favor. We all need to look in the mirror less and really appreciate ourselves for what’s on the inside instead of the outside.

Physical appearance is important, but we get too caught up in it. This husband wanted to remind his wife that he’s in this marriage for her personality and not for her looks. What a nice, genuine man.

Petty? Yes. Wrong? No.

its not empty (1)
Reddit / tegdirbm

Is there anything more embarrassing than having to ask for someone to go and get you some more toilet paper? Look, this was kind of gutless for her boyfriend to do. But, again, just looking at the facts, he isn’t wrong.

Facts don’t care about your feelings. There is toilet paper on the roll, that’s a fact. Is it right for him to leave it empty? Not really, but this certainly isn’t illegal.

Not The Gift She Wanted, But The Gift She Needed

shes a keeper (1)
Reddit / slizzers

You’d be lying if you thought that any girl wants to open up a present and find two goalie gloves. But, it’s the principle of the gift that she will love.

These gloves are basically worth more than an engagement ring. In a way, this guy is a genius. He spent $20 of soccer gloves instead of an engagement ring and she still feels the same amount of “forever commitment” from him.

Hugs Are Important, Cats Are More Important

cats cats
Instagram / @miinute

Everyone loves to get hugs. In fact, it’s healthy to get hugs. But, it’s also healthy to pet cats and dogs. If you see a cat all alone, and you happen to be hugging someone, you pet the cat too.

It’s called multi-tasking for a reason. Some people may say this is disrespectful to the person you’re hugging, but I would have to disagree. If anything, it’s more respectful, for, uh many reasons.

Well, He’s Not Wrong

Instagram / @_theblessedone

You can say what you want about whether she looks cute or not, but you can’t dispute that she looks like Pinhead Larry, from the color of her outfit to the black shoestring around her neck.

Can we just talk about this shoestring choker phase girls are going through right now? Who was the person who started this? We need to have a word. It was a Kardashian, wasn’t it?

Don’t Get Too Excited

NOT an engagement
Reddit / Weezy_F_Bunny

The day that a guy proposes to his girlfriend is one of the truly special days of the relationship. It seems that a girl is expecting to be proposed to at any given second. Any time he gets down on one knee at all, she gets all giddy even if it’s just to put a leash on the dog.

It’s a dangerous game to play when you’re buying her a ring if it’s not for an engagement. This boyfriend is making sure there is NO grey area.

He At Least Measured Out The Right Amount Of Pasta

spagehtti on the oven
Reddit / IamChcarron

Sometimes you have to reflect on the decisions you’ve made in the past and agree that they were wrong. We’ve all made mistakes. With that being said, this is not one of those times.

When you ask him to put spaghetti on the stove and he does this, it’s exactly what you asked for. Sometimes you need to be a little bit more specific about what you want. As of right now, this move is not a penalty.

I Wonder What It Is

my friend asked
Reddit / CanadianBeard

As a kid, you could basically tell what half of your presents were going to be because of the way it was wrapped. One item you could never tell was clothing. Why? Because usually it’s folded in a box. All boxes look the same.

The only way to truly tell that you’re getting a shirt is if you have a serial killer who decides that this is the way they’re going to wrap it. I haven’t been around many serial killers, but this seems like a huge red flag.

He Doesn’t Cut, He Manicures

asked him to mow the law
Reddit / Corncorn01

There’s something to be said about creative minds who can do stuff like this. Apparently, the boss’s wife wasn’t happy with this display, but he has all the right in the world to do this.

If she doesn’t like it, she can go out and cut it herself. This is a masterpiece. Pablo Picasso called, he wants his creativity and brilliance back. This yard has now officially won the prize for best yard in Gotham City.

A Lot Of Respect For This

cake cake (1)
Reddit / Goodgardo

This takes a ton of courage to pull off. Everyone wants to do it, but only a few psychopaths have the confidence to dive in. This girlfriend decided to cut her square in the middle of the cake, which basically ruins it for everyone else.

We all want that juicy middle piece, but most of us have some sort of grip on our emotions. This guy was right to put his girl on blast for pulling this stunt.

The Dirty Work Has To Be Done

unclogged drain
Reddit / stephy7

One thing that a lot of women, and some men, don’t understand is how cloggable the drain is. Once a girl leaves the shower, there is about 70 long pieces of hair that remain in the tub. These eventually find their way to the drain, and eventually, that drain gets clogged.

Does she clean it? No. So, this boyfriend decided to let her see all that he found in the drain. It’s pretty remarkable.

This Is Just Selfish

i dont care
Reddit / 5ubie

No, I’m not saying that the guy who is cooking the sheet with “I don’t care” is selfish, it’s the girl. Actually, it’s just people in general who don’t make decisions about where or what they want to eat.

They claim to be easygoing, but really, they’re just afraid of rejection and want someone else to fail. If they push the responsibility onto you, they don’t have to worry about carrying the brunt of the blame when the food sucks.

Too Many Dog Puns

ozzy pawbourne
Reddit / ColtonLA

If you have a boyfriend or a husband who is all about puns, you are one lucky gal. The more puns, the better. Studies show that guys who are punny have a 67% higher chance of being a good dad.

I’m not sure where that study came from or if it’s even real, but you believed it for a second, which means there has to be some truth to it. The funnier someone is, the better.

Side Bae

but im texting you
Imgur / BashirSim

When you’re in a relationship, but also texting your side bae at the same time, you need her to know where she stands. By dropping comments like these, you’re coming off as if you’re joking, but you’re really not.

Listen. Dating it the world of Tinder and SnapChat can be incredibly difficult, but at least everyone has learned to be blatently honest outside of their SnapChat filters. This strategy will allow this guy to have a long-term side bae.


i need a ride
Reddit / GAG

Sometimes, the lines get blurred as to who is a cab driver and who is your boyfriend. For some reason, many girlfriends (not all) think that it’s the boyfriend’s job to be the chauffer.

That isn’t really the case. This boyfriend forgot if he was just this girl’s Uber driver or her boyfriend. She played right into his hand here. This is savage, but he’s not wrong, at all. Sorry.

Maybe After, Sweetheart


When you’re in a relationship, you need to have your priorities straight. Both you and your girlfriend need to know where each other stand in terms of what gets the most attention.

It should come without saying that any Dragonball Z video game comes before a girlfriend. She should know this. He can’t just let Frieza run the world, that’s not going to happen. He’s doing his girlfriend a favor by destroying people that can destroy her.

The Truth Hurts

hot mess
Reddit / Lis_Blanc_Pur

This boyfriend got his girlfriend her favorite chocolate bar customized. Not only is this a nice gift, but it’s also extremely creative. The key to a girl’s heart is through chocolate.

But, sometimes the truth hurts. If she’s a hot mess, she’s a hot mess. That’s just the truth. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a hot mess anyway. It’s much better than being a cold mess, whatever that is.

Much More Affordable

she asked her husband
Reddit / Vytautaus574

There’s a study that shows young people are basically putting the diamond industry out of business. Why? Because one carat basically costs you an arm and a leg.

Young people can’t afford expensive necklaces anymore. That’s why this makes a lot of sense. You can plead ignorance. Technically, she did ask for 18 carrots, or at least it sounded like that. You can’t blame the man for trying. Plus, it saves him thousands of dollars for him to take you out to eat afterward.

It’s A Dinner Roll

dad will you put
Imgur / scifiaddict

It’s no surprise that new dads are put into situations they have no business being in. Most dads will never have to put someone’s hair in a bun until they have kids.

So, this is one of the interpretations that some dads may have if you ask them to put your daughter’s hair in a bun. I would argue that the only thing wrong here is that it’s a dinner roll, not a bun. Dinner rolls are much better.