These Lads Don’t Give A Flying Frick About The Rules

To some people, rules are gospel. They cannot be broken except in life or death cases— and even then it’s a struggle to stray from the beaten path. For others, the rules are mere suggestions. To these complete madmen, the rules were made to be broken.

Keep reading to see some people who have zero respect for the rules of our common society.

This Crazy Dude

Photo Credit: PaintMyBagel / Reddit

Solid choice. Now he has two things that are ruined. I mean, I’d still eat this egg, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

I’d also still drink the Dew. Mountain Dew is precious gold. I’m not going to let a little bit of yolk get in the way.

She Told Her Niece To Eat Half The Grapes

Photo Credit: itrizha / Reddit

Do you think this kid was being passive-aggressive, or did she just not understand the instructions? I guess kids do take things very literally sometimes.

When I was a kid my mom cut all of my grapes in half so I wouldn’t choke on them. Maybe this kid is just very safety conscious.

This Guy Lives In Milwaukee

Photo Credit: stalins_son / Reddit

This guy lives next to an airport. He painted this on his roof to confuse passengers flying overhead. He lives in Milwaukee.

This is an excellent joke. I bet there are a lot of people on those planes who’d rather be in Cleveland than Milwaukee.

Nailed It

Photo Credit: Monkeysonice95 / Reddit

This is all fun and games until she notices that his sheets don’t have a diamond pattern on them and she starts wondering whose bed he’s in.

Nice teamwork, though. Friends always help friends deceive their girlfriends. Bros always come first. There’s even a saying about that, I think.

This Man Must Be Stopped!

Photo Credit: White_cat22 / Reddit

Oh boy, that cat got pranked real good. It’s almost like he can’t read or something. Isn’t it so funny when animals can’t read?

That cat is pretty cute though. I still like him even if he is a big fat dum-dum doo-doo head.

What Is This Monstrosity!?

Photo Credit: Kozmik786 / Reddit

Firstly, that is not a shell. It’s a cardboard container. I don’t like this picture at all. I want to stop looking at it but I can’t turn away.

I bet this guy eats bananas without peeling them too. What an absolute monster. This shouldn’t be allowed.

Arrest Him!

Photo Credit: ShinyBurger / Reddit

This guy waited twenty minutes for the grocery store employee to leave so he could sneak a Pepsi bottle among the Coke bottles.

Everyone knows that Pepsi is an inferior soft drink. I do not appreciate it being placed on the same level as Coca Cola.

This Vandalism Needs To Be Stopped

Photo Credit: IamRegnig / Reddit

Gosh Darn! Those hooligans are up to their tom foolery again! What is the heck is their freaking problem? Please excuse my language, I just get a bit heated about graffiti on public property.

Who would write swear words on a wall? Think of the children!

Mr. Moseby Has Gone Off The Rails

Photo Credit: MrWilkesBooth / Reddit

Mr. Moseby doesn’t have food or drink— he has food and drink. This is not a good situation. He should walk straight out of that lobby and enjoy his lunch somewhere else.

Paper signs are sacred. Do not disrespect the paper signs. Mr. Moseby should know better.

This Lad Has Gone Absolutely Mad

Photo Credit: fearfuldegree31 / Reddit

This is entirely inhuman. What kind of monster would do this to another human being? I don’t care how mean his brother was being, unless his brother stooped to the same low and stole his laptop stopper, then there is no reason for this cruelty.

Please reconsider all of your life choices.

Too Witty For Twitter

Photo Credit: 12lubushby/ Reddit

This may be a legitimate question, but we all know what the first guy was really trying to say. He doesn’t want people to eat cows. Cows are precious creatures that don’t deserve to be turned into hamburgers.

Hamburgers are pretty delicious though. So are steaks.

This Is Insanity

Photo Credit: Hawkince / Reddit

I wonder if the water in that makeshift water bottle still sort of tastes like Hershey’s syrup. I don’t know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing

Probably a good thing. Hershey’s chocolate syrup is delicious. This lad is absolutely mad, even if she’s more of a lass than a lad.

He’s Not Wrong

Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

I mean, it is spam. And it’s Spam. Spam is as spam does. This is incredibly smart and incredibly silly. Only a lad who is completely mad would think to call out Spam like this.

To be fair, when you put ham in a can, you’re basically asking for it.

You Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry

Photo Credit: Insecure_potato / Reddit

Don’t be loud and rude in a coffee shop. You never know what kind of revenge the people around you are capable of.

What do you think their domain name was? I think the joke is actually on this guy because now he’s paying for a domain name he doesn’t need. Maybe he’ll sell it back to them at a higher price.

A Tiny Anarchist

Photo Credit: dansport730 / Reddit

This is why you don’t leave your baby in a car while you unload groceries. It’s because babies are horrible people. They will lock you out of your car at any opportunity.

Babies just want to drive, even if they can’t reach the gas pedal or read any street signs.

Jimmy’s Doesn’t Care About Vegans

Photo Credit: vinnydude1 / Reddit

So, it’s very possible that the feta cheese in that picture is vegan feta cheese. It’s also very possible that it’s not. Whether or not that feta is made out of milk from an actual animal is totally irrelevant to Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

Eat it or don’t eat it. It’s up to you.

This Cat Is A Rebel Without A Cause

Photo Credit: Niffer13 / Reddit

This car doesn’t care at all about the rules. He’s been kicked out of this grocery store multiple times, but he keeps coming back because that’s just how he rolls.

I like that he’s sitting on top off the aisle, above all of the insignificant humans.

Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Photo Credit: Chronictitan007 / Reddit

As if anybody was like, do you know what I need in my life? More Voldemort. Voldemort is the worst. I feel really bad for the YouTube employee who has to sit through ten hours of this.

What they really should do is take the video down without watching it just because of the offensive language in the title.

An Egg-celent Prank

Photo Credit: Juankestein / Reddit

Oh my goodness, this guy is a total madman. How dare he rearrange his friend’s eggs? Every egg is unique and special. I like to know which of my eggs are which at all times.

Some of them are scrambling eggs, some are boiling eggs, some are baking eggs…

You Did WHAT!?

Photo Credit: otakuneko23 / Reddit

Woah, look at this weirdo over here eating random bowls of pasta on the holidays. So weird, right? What’s she going to do next? Put some butter on a lightly cooked piece of bread? Craziness.

That pasta does look delicious. If I want to eat pasta all the time, does that make me a random weirdo too?