These Guys Are Sleeping On The Couch Tonight But It Was Totally Worth It

Every relationship has its ups and downs. There’s no perfect couple. Everyone ends up riding an emotional rollercoaster that they don’t know how to get off. While girlfriends and wives certainly stir up their fair share of controversy, it’s usually the guy in the relationship who makes you scratch your head in confusion.

If you’re kicked to the couch once a month, that’s pretty good. That means MOST of the time you’re an angel of a boyfriend. But for these dudes, it may have been one step too far. That couch might be moved to the curb after what they did to their girl.

This Isn’t Going To Go Well

Imgur | awesomecanadian

There’s nothing wrong with pulling pranks on your girlfriend or wife. In fact, it’s probably healthy. It keeps the relationship spicy and it ensures that she’s on her toes at all times.

But, there is a line, and this crossed it. If she doesn’t urinate her pants, it’s probably coming out the other end. Everyone has the fear of a creepy dude looking in their window, and the split second she thinks this is real will be traumatizing.

Just a quick FYI

a blog about giving birth
Imgur | dagg3r

This is such a power move by the wife. Most husbands don’t really care enough to know exactly what their wife is going to have to go through when she gives birth. This one is covering all the bases by educating her hubby about the fact that it’s not just her complaining about pregnancy.

Most guys think that getting kicked in the gonads is the worst pain in the world, women have something to say about that.

Leaving This Planet

paper flowers
imgur / JumpingMad

The couch better be comfortable because that’s exactly where this guy is going to be spending the rest of the week. If you’re a normal human being and hate cockroaches, this prank is probably your worst nightmare.

If I were to walk over and see this shadow, I’m not just leaving the house, I’m calling up NASA and getting on the next flight to the International Space Station. That’s the only place that can guarantee NO bugs that are bigger than ants.

The Worst Kind Of Person

eating all the peanut
Imgur | SirAppingtonTheThird

If you’ve lived with a boyfriend or husband who does this, you’re probably fuming just looking at this picture. Anyone who eats the entire jar of peanut butter and puts it back into the cupboard for you to take out deserves to be sent to jail.

It’s almost as bad as clearing out the milk and then putting it back in the fridge. These are the worst of the worst in our society and they need to be stopped.

Hair Isn’t Just Hair

how much does my husband
Twitter | @HayleyRoyston

For dudes, getting a bad haircut isn’t the end of the world because we’ll be back in the barber chair in three weeks anyway. For girls, getting a bad haircut could mean months of feeling uncomfortable.

This girl trusted her husband to shave her head and it was the worst decision she’s ever made. This isn’t a good look for her, and it’s going to be an even worse look for him.

Too Little Too Late, Pal

i'm sorry carly
Instagram | @emmiejj

You made your bed, and you’re not going to be sleeping in it tonight, man. When you get caught cheating, the first thing you want to do is apologize. The last thing you want to do is apologize like this, because it’s not going to work.

Putting a little Sharpie marker on a bed sheet (that you’re no longer allowed to sleep on) seems like too little too late for Carly.

It’s More Useful, Right?

carrot carrot (1)
Reddit | vbpatel

Millennials aren’t buying diamonds as much anymore and it makes sense. Not only are they out of our price range, but they also are pointless. They’re like, flowers. Why spend money on flowers when we can use that money on pizza and wings which are way more useful?

Why spend money on diamonds when you can get just as many carrots on your finger for 1/100th the price?

That’s A Common Mistake

under christmas tree

Look, no matter how much time guys spend with their girl, they’re never going to fully understand anything to do with “the time of the month.” Honestly, if you were to polls most guys, many of them would tell you that it only happens at the end of the month.

You have to give this guy credit for putting the effort into wrapping up the pad. I mean, I hope she acted surprised at least.

They Have It Worse, Let’s Be Honest

girls, you
Twitter | @JackHoward

There’s almost no discussion about who has it harder, men or women. Everything a guy can complain about, a girl can probably double it. Like I said, getting kicked in the groin hurts a lot, but girls can pull the whole “I push out a human” card and it trumps everything.

We can say that it’s walking a fine line when we need to sneeze and pee — but they can pull the period and sneezing card.

It’s Selfish, Not Easy Going

i don't care
reddit | 5ubie

Let’s clear something up really quickly — when someone says that they “don’t care” what’s for dinner or where to go eat, they’re just being selfish. All they’re doing is protecting themselves from rejection and placing the blame on someone else.

Most of them see their “whatever, up to you” answer as being easy going, but they’re not. This is the perfect response to someone who never makes the decision about where they want to eat.

Passive-Aggressive Much?

i unclogge the drain
reddit | stephy7

This is not a knock on women, but it’s kind of a knock on women. If you’ve ever lived with one, you know how much hair they shed. Like, don’t worry about your dog shedding, just worry about your girl.

This is one way to make a statement about who the drain-clogging culprit really is. I have a feeling this is how Jerry Springer Show relationships start out, I don’t know.

Literally, Not Figuratively

reddit | IamChacarron

Can we just talk about how hard the English language is? Not only do we have to understand words, but we have to understand the meaning behind them when there are multiple meanings for phrases and words.

This husband is going to be tossing and turning on the couch for literally putting spaghetti on the stove instead of figuratively putting spaghetti on the stove. It’s a cruel, cruel world out there.

Stay Back, Satan

brownie (2)
reddit | Goodgardo

You know how people talk about Satan’s influence and they’re kind of joking (hopefully)? Well, this is the one time that you can actually use that theory. This boyfriend who cut a piece of the cake in the middle without any regard for human life HAS to be sent straight from Satan’s side.

There’s just no reason to do this other than to cause mass destruction to the human race. That’s my final answer, Bob.

Leaving No Room For Interpretation

my friend asked her
reddit | CanadianBeard

One of the best parts about opening presents is that it’s a surprise. When everything from a cat to a NERF gun comes in the shape of a box, your mind goes a million miles a minute. But, this husband decided to completely ruin the surprise and leave no room for interpretation with this wrapping.

I mean, I’m not going to lie, it’s really impressive that he was able to pull this off so seamlessly, but it was a lot of wasted effort.

Anything For The Gram

rocks rocks
Reddit | lukiebukie

There’s a reason that girls tend to have a longer life span than their male counterparts, and this picture should tell you everything you need to know. Girlfriends and wives don’t want to lose their significant other because of a “sweet Instagram picture” like this one.

His girlfriend told him that if he gets close to the edge, she’s breaking up with him. It’s safe to say that he’s now a single man.

She’s Hiring A Hitman

lottery win
Reddit | syl_phirsty

Can you imagine feeling like you’ve won the lottery only to find out that it was a prank set up by your boyfriend? There’s really only one question to ask after that realization, which is, “how was he murdered?”

It’s one thing to get scared for a split second, it’s another thing to feel like your life just changed forever and then have it stripped away from you. This is so tragic.

You Wook Really Good Though

wookie wookie hair
Reddit | TrippDouglass

This is the face of a girlfriend who just received a Wookie costume and really wasn’t having any of it. She is instantly regretting getting her boyfriend a trip to Colorado for his birthday now that he’s returned the favor with this.

This is the face she makes when you walk in two hours after you said you’d be home from your boys night. This relationship probably didn’t last the night, that’s just an educated guess.

Mom Is Not Going To Be Happy

arrow arrow (1)
Imgur | PhilWithRubbishContent

Not only did dad take an arrow straight to the shoulder, but he’s about to sleep in the living room too. When mom says that little Johnny isn’t allowed to shoot the bow and arrow and dad says it’s fine, it’s never going to go over well.

With that, if little Johnny ends up almost killing dad after mom told them both not to do it, it’s REALLY not going to go over well.

Oh, David, You’re Screwed

ring on finger
Instagram | @davidslee101

Meet David, a name you won’t remember and probably won’t have to after his wife finds out that he lost his third wedding ring on his trip to Las Vegas.

Yes, he has lost three wedding rings already. If that doesn’t make you want to puke in your mouth, I don’t know what will. It’s even worse knowing that some sketchy trash bag in Vegas is probably cashing in on it.

Wrong Time, Dude

not good
Reddit | 8bitmorals

The wife is not going to be happy with how this picture turned out. It was supposed to be a nice picture of her husband and young son in front of a waterfall and it turned into anything but. He’s sneaking a quick peek at the, uh, waterfall mermaid that miraculously appeared in the picture.

Let’s just say he’s astonished by her features. You can’t see it in the picture, but she actually only has one fin.