These Dads Put Some ‘Savage Spice’ Into Their Parenting Salad And It’s Weird But Effective

Some people just have that “dad gene.” There aren’t too many things in life that are either black or white, but this is one of them. You either have it or you don’t, there’s no grey area in the dad community.

It takes a specific skill set to be able to raise a child to be a functioning member of society. It’s easier said than done considering you have to walk the fine line of discipline and fun. These dads are killing the game with the way that they maneuver their way through fatherhood.

Let’s Hope He Was REALLY Thirsty

water bottle to the face
Instagram | @kristinsday

There could be an entire article that showcases dads trying to feed their kids food or drinks and failing miserably. Let’s just hope this kid was thirsty because he’s getting an entire ocean of water coming in hot.

In this little guy’s defense, those big water bottles are very heavy and tough to tip back at the right angle. This dude started an avalanche of liquid to the face after he tilted just a little bit too much.