These Dads Are So Savage To Their Kids That Hyenas Are Getting Jealous

Dads are known to be straight up goofs. They’re the ones who are supposed to be the fun, “easy going” parent. Whether they’re wearing a gross t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in 17 years, or cruising around in their socks and sandals, it’s always a journey with dads.

But, sometimes they can get incredibly savage. From pranks to brutal honesty and everything in between, there’s no doubt that the more creative a dad gets with their discipline, the better. This article explores the all-time savage ways that dads have gotten one over on their kids, and it’s jaw-dropping.

Clean It Up

sister soap
Siobhan O / Pintrest

This is a completely legitimate gift idea. There comes a time when teenagers start getting an attitude towards their parents. They start talking back, they start lying, and can be all around toxic.

This behavior shouldn’t be rewarded with a diamond ring. It should be rewarded with a bar of soap or tub of coal to bring them back to reality. It’s weird to think that some people got their mouths washed out with soap back in the day. Wait, don’t even get grandma started.

The Real Boss

dad (3)
Twitter / @tbhjuststop

There is no threat greater than saying you’re going to tell mom that dad did something wrong. It’s a threat that always works. This dad was being lazy until he abruptly jumped off the couch as soon as the word “mom” came into play.

A simple life hack is to ask your dad for a car. He’s going to say no. That’s when you hit him with the trump card and tell him that his wife will be hearing about it. Your car will be in the driveway the next day.

The Shotgun Rider

my dad had the dog
Twitter / @spaghemily

Is this all that surprising? Dogs are man’s best friend. You don’t just put your best friend in the back seat all alone. You put him in the front where you can have captivating conversations.

I’m not an expert in Presidential transportation, but my best guess is that the President’s dog gets to sit in the front seat. This isn’t a weird thing for dads to do. In fact, if you’ve ever seen a dog in a back seat there should be arrests made.

Just To Be Sure

thanks for clarification
Twitter / @rayy_baybay

Look, you can never be TOO safe. Joe Pellatt knows this very well. Throughout his long life, he knows not to leave ANYTHING up to interpretation, especially the look of his daughter. He doesn’t want his former high school friends to think his daughter is a seal.

Not only is that an insult, but it also insinuates that he, uh, had an intimate relationship with a seal at some point.

The “Hip” Dad

my dads a savage
Instagram / @_theblessedone

If this wasn’t your dad, you knew someone who had a cool dad. By cool, I just mean that he tried embarrassingly hard to fit in with what the kids were saying and doing. Look, it usually doesn’t work, but this little prank is something to behold.

Not only is it completely savage, but it’s also incredibly creative, and also took some serious studying. My guess is that this dad’s favorite musician isn’t Migos.

The Dad Joke

quarter pounder (3)
Reddit / FromFlorida

Oh, no. Here we go. This kid asked his dad if he can have a quarter pounder from McDonald’s. This dad saw an opportunity to solidify himself in the Dad Joke Hall of Fame. He went out of his way to go find a literal quarter pounder.

This means he probably took an extra hour out of his day, and $20 out of his wallet, just to follow through on this joke. Yikes.

The Attentive Babysitter

Instagram / @greenide

It’s no surprise that a part of dad’s job is to babysit the kid when mom is at work or off running errands. But, almost all of the times that a father is asked to babysit is during the worst times.

This dad had to watch the little gaffer during the Super Bowl. Can you imagine? He did the only reasonable thing to get some peace and quiet. The baby is now a hung picture for the entirety of the game.

Don’t Mess With Fanta

Reddit / Faniel1157

Dad’s know how to really pierce their kid’s heart. This dad knows that his daughter loves Fanta (who doesn’t?) and HATES apple juice (who doesn’t? Apple juice lovers stay away).

So, he decided to pull the most savage prank on his kid. It’s blasphemous for someone to like apple juice over orange Fanta, so this facial expression is exactly what you would expect from this type of prank. This is why children have trust issues.

Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery

sent my dad
Instagram / @theladbible

We have to respect this dad for his dedication to the game. Either he risked his marriage by taking some of his wife’s flowers from the garden, Or he went out to a greenhouse and actually bought some flowers just to post this picture rebuttal.

Now he looks like he’s about to be the prettiest dad at a Coachella afterparty. We have to give him a lot of credit for the time and effort put into this.

Dad’s Fun > Kid’s Fun

dad on roller coster
Reddit / hoomph

Look, parents get it wrong a lot. Most dads wouldn’t take his daughters on a roller coaster because he knows they would get scared. But, that takes away from his fun. Dads have to have fun too.

At the end of the day, more fathers need to look at the bigger picture. They were half of the reason the kids were even born, so whose priorities do we really have to cater to?

The Scary Dad

you have missed
Reddit / LeroyGivens

Sometimes you have to become a scary dad in order to get your little degenerate children to listen. There’s only so many times you can say “be on time” and “stop doing that” before more drastic measures need to be taken.

If it takes a night of sleeping on the porch for your kid to get their act together, then that’s what you have to do. I wholeheartedly agree with this tactic.

When They Go Off To College

Reddit / amyylouisa

Sometimes a father’s honesty is disheartening. Just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the freedom of not having your pesky kid at home after they go to college. Yes, the day they leave is sad. Mourn appropriately.

But, it only takes about two days to realize that you get a second chance at living your best life. This dad wants his daughter to know that he’s thoroughly enjoying the time she spends away from home.

The Dad Bank

Reddit / Otto303

One of the life hacks that you can do as a dad is to have a dad bank. When you loan money to your teenager, you need to do so as if you’re a bank. They need to understand that nothing comes for free.

If they want to borrow six dollars for a slushie, that’s fine. But if they don’t pay back that six dollars within a week, it turns into $12 after the 100% interest rule.

Public Shaming

ask my girl (1)
Reddit / Andpop

This dad is sick and tired of his daughters wearing short shorts to school. So, he decided that he would take matters into his own hands. He wore their shorts into the Walmart to make a point.

I have a feeling that his daughters are fully scarred for life. If I was a physic, I would say that I don’t see any short shorts in this dad’s daughter’s near future.

“See How Ridiculous You Look?”

take photos
Reddit / perianderson

Sometimes it takes your parents to drive home how ridiculous you look. There’s no way that your son or daughter is going to post any more mirror selfies on social media if dad and mom copy the exact picture every time.

It’s embarrassing enough to be seen with your parents in public. It’s even more embarrassing when your parents blast you on their own social media pages. This is a very effective technique to control the content your kid throws on.

The Black Sheep Of The Family

Reddit / akantho

What everyone forgets is that dad is as human as the rest of us. It’s natural for da to pick his favorite kids, just like it’s natural to pick favorite friends. Some fathers are really good at hiding who their favorite is, while others aren’t.

I think it’s safe to say this dad is in the “aren’t” category. I’m sorry Allison, but maybe you shouldn’t have called your principal a “doo-doo head” at school on Friday.

Squad Goals

quad gols
Reddit / sloansteel

It’s really sad when a dad has a better social life than their teenage kids. Literally, all you have to do in high school is have a social life. That’s the point. Meanwhile, daddy over here is riding in style with his dad-squad lakeside.

This is the definition of squad goals. My guess is that they rode these around for a little while, somehow got tired, and made their way to the nearest brewery.

Dad With The Elbow From The Top Rope

your face
Reddit / LOLsnaps

There’s nothing that makes me madder than when every dad says their son or daughter is going to be a supermodel when they grow up. It’s especially painful when their kid looks like a potato that was dropped onto the highway and ran over a few times.

This dad’s honesty is very refreshing. It’s discouraging one-liners like these that will make this kid one of the most emotionally strong people of all time.

Dads Never Trust Your Driving

Imgur / slippinjimmy

There has never been a father in the history of the world that has ever trusted their son or daughter while driving. Most dads need bubble wrap and body armor on before they even think about entering the passenger seat.

This dad is making it very clear as to how fast their kid is allowed to go. This kid better not go into the “No No” zone or else it’s not going to be a good scene.

When Your Mom And Dad Team Up

Tumblr / hilarioushumorfromouterspace

There’s nothing more embarrassing for kids than when their mom or dad tries to be “hip.” We’ve already talked about it, but this is another example of how easy it to get under your kid’s skin.

If you’re a good parent, you’re going to do everything in your power to say savage at all times possible. If you have to scream it at their graduation as they’re walking across the stage, that’s what you do.