These College Students Took The Struggle Bus To School This Morning And Can’t Get Off

Looking back on it, college was some of the best days of our lives. But, at the time, it was an emotional rollercoaster you couldn’t get off of. From the highest highs (sometimes literally) to the lowest lows (when the professor catches you cheating), it’s a tough ride.

Some students can navigate their way through college much smoother than others. Thankfully, most of us can barely keep our head above water, which makes for a very entertaining article.

Rub A Dub Dub

Twitter / @VirtualPlazaMax

Let’s be honest, when you’re in college, one of the last things on your mind is doing the dishes. Why? Well, it’s incredibly inconvenient and it’s horrible to do.

So, if you can find a way to make washing dishes seamlessly fit into your everyday routine, the kitchen might be much cleaner than usual.

College Creativity

Reddit / BrianDawkins

When you’re broke living in the college dorm, you’re forced to get creative with how you live your life.

No longer do you have your parents to do all the dirty work and chores for you. Sometimes, that can be daunting, but if you can get creative with your inventions and life hacks, it can make college so much easier.

For Example…

Reddit / break_me_down

This is a life hack that many of us can use. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that buying a brand new shower head isn’t necessarily on the top of the shopping list.

So, if you’re looking to save some money, just poke some holes into a water bottle and voila!

They Come And Go

Imgur / shotsfiredyo

If you can somehow keep a pair of socks together and not rip them for more than two weeks in college, you’re an all-star.

Not only do they always end up in your roommates bedroom, but they also rip at the toe within one or two wears. If you can figure out a way to reuse broken socks, you’re golden.

The Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Of Champions

Reddit / Kill3r151

If you’re in college or have been in college, this picture is better than Christmas. First of all, you can eat ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a combined cost of like $1.

This package getting delivered to a residential dorm room is a years worth of food for the cost of one night out at the bar.

You Try New Things

Reddit / whenlifegivesyoukiwis

When you’re in college, you need to try new things. Sometimes those things are foods. Sometimes they’re trying out the Spanish club, while other times it’s this.

I would like to know if the noodle ended up cooking because it could be a innovative way for the future of spaghetti cooking in colleges around the world.

Drinks Are Expensive

Reddit / amilin01

Ah, the bar aka your second home as a college student. What you come to realize VERY quickly is that getting drinks is extremely expensive. If you go to the bar only one night a week (which is highly unlikely) then you’re probably spending close to $150.

So, I don’t blame this guy for stealing a sip or two when he has the chance.

The Exchange Rate Is Bizarre

Reddit / Bobs299

When your resources are limited, you resort to trading weird items for other weird items.

For example, this person is willing to trade cookies for friendship. I’ve also seen people trade textbooks for Kraft Dinner which is a great trade for the textbook team. Instead of having a book lying around, you get an amazing meal.

Microwaves Are Overrated


When you don’t have a microwave, you need to improvise because that leftover pizza that you ordered the night before mid-blackout ain’t going to heat itself.

While there are other methods, this is the most consistent. It’s basically broiling and cooking all in the same setting, which is perfect.

Textbooks Are The Bane Of My Existence


I don’t know about you, but textbooks make me want to throw up in my mouth.

First of all, you maybe use one out of every 30 that you buy. Second of all, they’re like $1000 each. It basically averages out to about $100 a page, which is just absolutely absurd.

Milking It


You have to take advantage of the cafeteria. There should be no such thing as having “small portions” of anything. Stock up on food, drinks, dignity, all of it.

This girl is milking her meal plan and it’s exactly how you should be doing it. She needs to go bigger next time, though.

The Balancing Act Continues

Twitter / @THECoachBrandon

Surviving college is all about the balancing act. It’s nearly impossible to focus on just straight up academics or your social life.

You have to be able to do both. The problem with that is it’s harder than it sounds. This girl has it all figured out. She’s in the 1% that can actually make the correct sacrifices.

The Next Newton

Twitter / @mariaheci

You never know where the next genius is going to come from that completely changes the landscape of everyday life.

Heck, the creator of the fidget spinner was probably joking when he created that useless thing and look what it ended up doing. This revolutionary discovery could change how college students navigate their meals.

The Secret Liqueur Cabinet


Everyone needs to have one of these if they have roommates in college. Students and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re like magnets to each other.

If you leave your alcohol lying around in plain view, it’s going to be drank within the first 10 minutes You need to hide your stash in a creative fashion.

Raccoon Farts


If your college dorm didn’t smell like a raccoon just farted in your face as soon as you walked into it, did you really experience college?

I mean, from the body odor to the stale beer that’s been sitting out for five days straight, dorm rooms need some help in the smell department. Thankfully, that’s what this device is for.

Another Day At The Office

Twitter / @samiwert

Classic college student. You’ll find that by your second year living away from your parents, your expectations for yourself lower significantly.

When you were living at home, the thought of eating pasta with a broken clothes hanger would make you puke. In college, it’s just another day at the office.

Roll It Out

Imgur / astronomiss

Yes, this bottle of Grey Goose is probably a little bit more expensive than an actual roller. But, chances are you have one of these lying around your house anyway.

I’d be willing to bet that you don’t have a dough roller hanging around your kitchen considering you probably don’t even have plates.

We’ve All Been There

Twitter / @StudentProblems

Either you’ve been there, or you know someone who has. This is surprisingly common ( don’t tell your mom or dad).

Life would be so much easier if you learned some sort of time management skills in college, but you don’t. Everything is left to the last minute and it’s horrible.

Decorations Have Multiple Uses


You don’t have the space or the money to be buying decorations for your student house. Your walls are filled with posters of movies you’ve never seen, and flags that you got for free from a beer case.

Your cupboards are filled with red solo cups and plastic plates because that’s they only require a quick rinse and they’re good to go.

The Backpack Of Champions

Reddit / Thelandmine

This is a public service announcement — don’t show this to your wine-loving mother. She’s going to carry this backpack around everywhere she goes.

It’s perfect for a college student who wants to start the day classy and end it VERY trashy. It’s like an adult camelback of sorts. Love it.