The Funniest “I Woke Up To This” Moments That Make You Wonder How These People Got Here

Sometimes, you knock back a few cold ones and don’t remember the night before. There’s always that one person who can recall the events from the night before. but, weird and beautiful things can happen, especially when you’re sleeping the night away.

Those are the moments when you wake up the next day and yell “WTF is this?” leaving you wondering if might be a dream. Who knows, the biggest surprise could happen right in front of your morning cup of Joe.

Woke Up At 3 Am And Checked On Our Daughters Crib-Cam


Somebody call the exorcist! It’s time to get the holy water or burn down the house. Whichever is easy and quick for you to do, get it done.

It’ll be too late to do any of that especially when their head starts to spin. It won’t be long before the neighbors hear “The power of Christ compels you!”

A Friend Of Mine Recently Broke His Arm. This Is What He Woke Up To After A Night Spent With Friends


What a bedazzling cast that is! All of the girls during lunch are going to love you for this. Well, there might be some who wonder what your life is like outside of school.

Some classmates will assume your night was like The Hangover. For others, they might be having some Superbad flashbacks.

My Aunt And Uncle Own A Backpackers/Bar In Africa, And Woke Up Today To Find This Visitor In The Pool


Whoa, hippos are dangerous! They have a temperamental chip on their shoulders for good measure, so hopefully, they got bored and moved on. I wonder why they chose the kiddie pool.

Maybe it’s based on how satisfied they look. This hippo clearly plans on spending the day away from their friends.

What happens when you give a cat some bacon? The most wonderful surprise to wake up to is just ahead shortly!

After A Night Of Fairly Heavy Drinking, I Woke Up To Find I Took A Very Unnecessary Cab Ride


That’s funny, but at least you know where you were and how you got home. And, to be fair to the Uber driver, it was the shortest driving distance since they are one-way streets.

Not only that, but the driver didn’t even take the shortcut at the bottom.

I Woke Up To The Sound Of Someone Shouting “It’s Christmas It’s Christmas!” I Look Outside And See This


Okay, it’s good to know he’s not only in his birthday suit. I mean, come on, man, this could have been much worse.

I won’t navigate that obvious road for you, but you can tell by what he’s doing. That’s a brave guy, but hopefully, he doesn’t get chased by security.

Gave This Guy A Piece Of Bacon On My Way Home From The Bar Last Night, Followed Me Ten Blocks Home, This Is How I Woke Up


Now, that’s how you get a cat! I’d follow someone home for bacon too! Congratulations on getting adopted.

It looks like a human has been chosen, which is a tremendous honor for this guy. Not only is he the master now, but he’s got a little friend to come home to.

Sometimes, bears want to be like cats. You’ll see what that means in just a bit.

Woke Up, Half Asleep, Opened The Door To The Bathroom And My Heart Dropped


That thing looks so real that it could make any guy scream like a girl. I bet you even had the “My precious” voice pass through your mind the second you saw this.

Not going to lie, but that would freak me out, even if I was wide awake.

Wake Up At 2 Am To Find My Roommate Passed Out In A Box Of Packing Peanuts


Everyone has to find somewhere to sleep at the end of the day. She looks more comfortable sleeping in this than a futon.

You can bet that this girl was going to make the best decision at the end of the night. To be fair, she’s made less of a mess compared to other people.

Never Seen One In 6 Years Living In This State, Blew My Mind


These bears look more like wannabe cats, but they got the balance down correctly. For a second, I thought that they were cats until I took a closer look.

Don’t mind the bears, they’re just out for a stroll. Plus, they mean no harm — they’re looking for the bear necessities.

One morning you serenade her, the next day she lays eggs for you. Details behind the dude and his girlfriend who’s not human is coming up.

The Boyfriend Had Too Much Fun Partying Last Night


Marry them right now. Make sure he has a huge insurance policy too. Someday, down the road, he’s going to win the Darwin Award, and you’re going to be filthy rich!

However, before you even come across that thought, make sure to charge his phone, or else you’re never going to get ahold of him.

I Bet My Wife She Couldn’t Shave My Foot Without Me Waking Up. This Is What I Woke Up To This Morning


Well, you are an excellent sleeper, sir! Hobbitville has got themselves a new pedicure parlor. Even when I’m wide awake, I couldn’t do this to myself.

It seems like it’s a lot of hard work to paint five nails all of the same color. Sometimes, it pays to be a guy.

One Morning I Serenaded Her With My Guitar. The Next Week She Made A Nest And Laid Eggs On My Patio. I Named Her Gretal


You’re a good dude, and you’re my kind of human being! Now, you need to learn to play “She Loves You” by The Beatles, especially after moving in with a man who serenades you.

Not only is this precious, but it reminds me of when I used to play guitar for my pet rat, Malcolm.

The next one ahead happened so early in the morning, you wouldn’t even startle the animal who gives a hoot.

Finding A Message From My SO


Now, you’ll want to make one for your fiancee. Go right ahead and do it because it puts them to the real test before you both exchange your vows.

However, some men are oblivious to the fact that they don’t see beard trimmings. It’s like they have no beard trimming detectors on their eyes.

My Friend Woke Up To This In Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada


“Knock knock?” “Who’s there?” WINTER IS HERE! The joke is great and all, but looking at old man winter is depressing.

There’s no sun, no beaches, no barbecues, nothing. It also sucks when the meteorologist on TV says “We’ll get a couple of inches overnight” but really, it’s more than two feet.

Woke Up This Morning And Went To The Kitchen To Find A Baby Owl


“Oh hi, you’re up early.” Or, in a completely normal human voice: “Hoot, hoot! My good human!”

Better yet, at least he’s doing the dishes before you got to them. They want to help you out. But, that’s your fault for leaving windows open all night long with no screens.

The most fascinating reason why snails get into big circles like at concerts is still on the way.

Woke Up To This Out Front


Have you ever heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Well, you’re looking at the plot of the movie, and it’s intimidating.

I don’t know what’s happening here, but now would be the time to start panicking. But, it would be best to close the door and call it a day.

This Is What I Woke Up To At The Hospital One Hour Before They Said Yes To Each Other


You almost envy this guy for having such awesome friends. My friends wouldn’t even have this idea scrambling inside of their heads.

However, the newlyweds must be so thoughtful for doing this. Friends are the family who we are blessed to choose. This guy is very blessed indeed.

Walked Outside This Morning To See This, A Bunch Of Snails In A Circle With A Leader In The Middle


You have to wonder if something spilled and no one bothered to clean it up. There’s fungus, and the snails are eating it along the outer edge.

Some will argue that the snails are worshipping their messiah, but that’s still up for debate. However, the first rule of Snail Club is you don’t talk about Snail Club.

Some Jerk Started Playing Aerosmith, Woke Up To Aerosmith Playing In The Street


If I ever wake up to Steven Tyler giving a show in my street, I’ll most likely die and go to heaven. That dude is super cool, and Aerosmith is such an amazing band.

Plus, you get to hear them jam over breakfast. That is a once in a lifetime treat!

When You Woke Up This Morning To Make Yourself A Bowl Of Terror


The baby stalker outside is asking if you have any milk. Not going to lie, but the Bowl of Terror sounds like a Stephen King book that would be a successful movie.

I don’t know why I thought of it, but based on the environment, this looks like the setting of a horror flick.