Snapchats That Show How Differently Men And Women Choose To Spend Their Time

Snap Chat has taken over our lives. Admit it. It’s our guilty pleasure that allows us insight into what our friends, co-workers, and enemies do in their spare time. Everyone uses it differently. Some people use it for jokes, some use it as their main source of communication, and other use it to send some pretty revealing pictures.

No matter what we use it for, many of the differences are split down gender lines. Girls and guys see Snapchat VERY differently. If you don’t believe me, just stay tuned.

When Your Shadow Is A Star

Twitter / @baelaani

I’m sure that it would suck if your shadow looks like one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but you’re just a regular person.

Even though you’re not making millions of dollars because of your talent and looks, you can find solace in the fact that if your shadow was a person, it would be a star.

Hey Boo(ger)

Twitter / @JahnellAnya

Guys will find a way to make a simple “hello” snap, into something out of a nightmare. No one wants to receive a snap at two in the morning looking up your nose.

Yes, it’s clever. Yes, it shows that he puts some thought into what he’s sending you. But that doesn’t take away from its grossness.

A Picture That Perfectly Shows The Difference

Twitter / @Garde_A

If you catch the bouquet at a wedding, it means that you’re going to have great luck in your love life. If you’re already in a relationship, it means that you’re going to get married next.

This girl is so happy that her boyfriend is now forced to marry her. He, on the other hand, isn’t too excited about it.

Dedication To The Boys

Twitter / @JayGreatorex

When your girl doesn’t like you going out without her, you have to dedicate your life to deceiving her.

This means using all of the resources you have to your advantage. Deception is the key to survival when you’re in a rocky relationship with no trust. Or maybe deception is the reason your relationship has no trust. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

A Mother’s Wrath

Twitter / @nataliexxm

There’s nothing more embarrassing then being beaten up by your mom in front of a few friends. Oh wait, yes there is — getting beaten up by you mom on social media.

This kid is trying to flex that he’s about to get drunk, but not if his mom has anything to say about it.

Fashion Inspo Is Getting Really Weird


The fashion industry is so weird right now. Actually, it’s always been weird. Designers are getting inspiration from the most random places. For example, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress on the red carpet.

That means someone went into a deli and decided to make a dress because of it. We live in a weird world.

The Snap Chat Mandela

Twitter / @quinenvoo

We all have friends that decide that they want to be the next deep intellectual thinker. They snap pictures like this that no one asked for, yet they still make us pretend to enjoy it.

The stretch of assuming that people are anything like potatoes is even too far for the likes of Nelson Mandela and MLK. Sorry to bring them into this harmless picture of potatoes.

My Heart Hurts

Twitter / @alonzolerone

The absolute bliss that you feel when you know that you’re about to sink your teeth into a juicy lasagna is unlike anything else.

The devastation you feel when you pull out that delicious dish and splatter it on the floor like roadkill would be intense. My thoughts are with this person during this tough time.

The Post Surgery Blues

Reddit / schmerbert

Surgery sucks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a dog. It sucks. But, you have to look on the bright-side. You get prescribed drugs to help with the pain.

These drugs send you to another planet. If you don’t believe me, look at this dog. If you still don’t believe me, watch any of the aftermath videos of people getting their wisdom teeth taken out. It’s a treat.

Some Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Twitter / @carterscottkidd

There are people out there who have dedicated their life to the “little things”. These are the heroes who don’t wear capes and we’re so thankful for them.

They might not make a big difference, but they do the dirty work in order to figure out tidbits of useful information, like discovering that it takes 2,056 licks to finish a lollipop. Now you can ‘wow’ your friends.

Black Out Or Back Out

Twitter / @marissanpadilla

First of all, good for this girl for blacking out instead of backing out. No one likes a person who backs out.

Also, it turns out she’s really productive when she gets back from the bar. Not only does she do her homework, but she’s also a barber. Most of us just pass out on the living room floor and wake up in our own puke.

This Should Scare You

Twitter / @Bishsicle

This is some private investigator stuff. This should scare all of us that some kid was able to find the stranger he saw in the change room on Snapchat.

With that logic, any passing police officer can do the same thing. Just another reason to NEVER send nude pictures. That went 0-100 real quick, but take it as a public service announcement.

Beat That Beat Up

Twitter / @wallahi

This person took DJ Pauly D way too seriously when he told us to “beat that beat up”. They literally threw a right hand at the speaker and it didn’t work so well for them.

Either they were trying to fight or feel the beat. They could’ve just been really feeling it and wanted more. There’s a volume button for that.

Need More Friends Like This

Twitter / @AlecPloof

We all need those friends that will do anything with us no matter how weird. When we say jump, they say “how high?” This is that friend.

Nothing is out of the ordinary. Being bizarre is the new normal. To say that I’m not jealous of this roommate dynamic is an understatement.


Twitter / @Lieberperson

As soon as parents figure out how to use Snapchat, it’s over for you. Even if you’re away at college, you’re still going to get dad jokes and puns.

This pun is one of the more creative ones that dad could toss your way. Long live these father’s and their sad attempt at humor.

When You Forget Your Mom Is Now On Snapchat

Reddit / BraveReddit

Snapchat is the last social media platform to not be totally overrun by old people. It’s a place where you can be a little edgy and not have to worry about getting in trouble.

But, as I mentioned before, parents are slowly infiltrating it too. This girl forgot she had her mom on Snap and had to do some serious backtracking.

The FOMO Infection

Instagram / @ladbible

We’ve all been there. Our friends are going out for some drinks, but we just want to lay in bed and not spend money poisoning ourselves.

Then, your friends get into bribe mode and deceive you in order to come out. This is a very sophisticated way of going about it. Usually it’s the classic “the bar is so busy” or “your crush is here”.

Everyone Break Up With Each Other


Can we just come to the conclusion that everyone would be happier if we were all single? We would be able to move at our own pace, not rely on anyone else for our happiness, and just have fun.

Many girls overshare their love life on social media, and let’s be honest, most are just looking for attention. This snap, however ridiculous, is way too common.

Dudes Are Bad Too

Twitter / @b0mbtweets

I know I was complaining about girl’s oversharing on Snapchat, but some guys do it too. It’s almost worse when a dude does it because sappy pictures are expected with girls.

Again, if everyone was single, we wouldn’t have to worry about ever puking in our mouths after seeing stuff like this.

Put It On The “Fire” Setting

Imgur / MazMe89

Doing laundry is actually so much harder than it looks. There are so many options for different fabrics and timelines. It’s overwhelming.

I’m assuming this person wanted their clothing to be dry in thirty minutes or less. They took matters into their own hands and set their clothes on fire in hopes they’ll get dry quicker.