Signs That Prove Humanity Is Falling Apart And We’re SOL

If you need valid proof that society is degrading, take a look at how politics are run in today’s day and age. You know what happened, but we need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the world.

These signs out in the world are here to help us do just that. Sure, a sign can be funny, or it can tell you to take a hike, regardless of what you’re wearing. As long as you have a sense of humor, there might be some hope for humanity down the road.

You Win This Round, Ikea


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to know why this sign is here. Sadly, people do use their display toilets, but it’s mostly kids because they don’t know any better.

Please, don’t do your business here. If you learned anything from Donald Glover’s standup, it’s to take the time to find the nearest bathroom.

Well, Duh


To think that some employee had someone ask them if there was peanuts in here.

I worked at a store that sold peanuts in bulk, and customers would come up to us with the boxes saying “MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS” but still weren’t sure. Thanks, Captain Obvious, if it contains peanuts. I’m getting angry like the Hulk.

There Has To Be A Story Behind This


Some clown was like “Hey babe, let’s get it on right here.” Then the girl’s like “That’s so hot, let’s open this pleasure pack.”

Now, I cringe thinking that somehow, somewhere, someone opened it and tried one on. It would be one of those things where you just walk away from whatever groceries you were buying and leave the store.

Just another reason why you shouldn’t lick walls is worth the read very shortly.

Top Secret


It’s not a secret anymore. If you lived up the street from this, you probably got to see what’s in the bunker.

It’s an old ex-government cold war bunker, and it’s open to the public as a tourist attraction. That’s why it’s in a brown background, but I think the secret’s out.

Here’s The Entrance


I’m guessing that the exit is coming out of the water, it’s not that hard to figure it out. Like, where else are you going to go?

The bottom of the abyss? Nah, James Cameron already did that. But, you would think that visitors could “sea” that for themselves.

Another Back Story That Needs To Be Told


Someone came into the bathroom with a Coca-Cola in their hand and accidentally dropped it. The liquid splashed, but they never bothered cleaning it.

There was another person at a urinal and saw what happened. He says, “Oh, man…I’d kill for some cola…the floor is too dirty, but the wall seems clean enough…”

Some people take sports too seriously and one community in Chicago has the story behind why.

Caution For Dummies


People need to be saved from their own stupidity. I thought it would say “Caution: fire is colder than liquid nitrogen.”

If you don’t believe the sign, then go ahead and stick your hand in the flame. Just in case you’re curious what it feels like touching fire, let me tell you — it burns.

Don’t Come In, Or Else


Oh, so I guess this means that any rapper from the 90’s isn’t welcomed here. Now, since that’s out of the way, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to this restaurant.

It’s nice that they decided to give parents with fussy children a bit of a pass on this one. But the jokes on you, because I don’t wear underwear on days that end in “Y.”

When People Take Sports Too Seriously


There’s nothing more embarrassing for a kid then their parents are always yelling from the stands. Especially when they get into it with other parents. It’s so sad.

It’s not fun for the kids or the coaches. For me, being involved in hockey for so many years, some parents need this sign shoved down their throats.

The least important day in history happened in 1897. Details behind the most meaningless sign is still on the way.

So Sassy


It’s funny, but a bit mean at the same time. It could very well be an April Fool’s prank, but there’s too much sass to make it a joke.

I would love to see this one at my job, but I don’t think it’ll end well. Some customers will smash the window.

Every Highway Needs This


That’s a sign to watch. It seems to be a universal problem because many people wonder about that mysterious lever next to the steering wheel.

Sometimes, you just wish you could pull cars over and show them where their signal is and how to use it. It’s not for decoration, people!

The Rest Is History


Anyone can put this on their sidewalk and have themselves a national landmark. I have this in front of my house, and nothing unusual has happened since then.

Sure, it’s supposed to be an important day in history, but for what? I guess 1897 as an especially boring year.

One library decided they had enough with the Oreo cookies, and the discrimination behind that is coming up.

Oddly Specific

Too bad, some people were looking for a haunted house. That’s a deal breaker if you ask me, especially with the housing market going through the roof these days.

I’ll take a chance on any house, even if it means it might be the modern day house from The Amityville Horror.

Good Luck


There’s nothing like a coffee shop trying to keep up with their bigger counterparts. To me, this is great because it throws shade at all of those “grande or venti” coffee lovers who think they’re above everyone else.

Starbucks is not the greatest, but this sign will make caffeine great again.

Cookie Discrimination


I guess some people can’t have a snack while studying. It sucks to say, but this isn’t fun whenever somebody else ruins it for the rest of us.

What if a bunch of students snacked on Oreos while hammering out a paper? Sadly, they’ll have to settle for a salad instead.

Kids, you can say no to your parents. The fascinating way to pull off the feat is just ahead shortly.

This Isn’t The Olympics


Okay, that’s a good sense of humor. If only dogs could read that sign. They should know better than to try to put their heads in the toilet bowl.

Sure, there’s nothing but water in there, but I can’t imagine it’s as good as the water bowl left out for them.

Minor Details


I have never seen an elevator that opens its doors if it’s not there. I thought all the elevators were like this, but I guess I’m wrong.

Good luck to you if this ever occurs in your life. If not, well, it’s a long way down to the bottom.

How To Say No 101


This notice should be put up in so many places. It’s great to see staff looking out for the kids. I see far too many parents forcing their children to do something, even though they don’t want to.

If they’re scared of something, it’s never good to toss them into a cage full of lions.

Unless You’re A Fish


Wow, that place must hate fish or Finding Nemo. It’s awful to see a simple sign crushing our dreams like this.

It speaks to the fish, but that won’t stop you from yelling “You can’t tell me what to do!” Then, the next thing you know, ambulance sirens are heard in the background.

What About Cat Food?


Well, that explains a lot. It makes you wonder how often the staff gets asked this by customers on a daily basis.

Maybe the product should be labeled “Milk for cats” To be fair, we don’t label that human infant formula as “human milk.” You know well enough that would be misleading.