Reddit Discussed Things Men Think But Never Say And Now It All Makes Sense

You know how when your girl says, “I’m fine,” she’s actually not fine? She’s actually plotting your death because you came home from a boys night an hour later than you said you would. Well, there are things that guys think and never say as well.

It’s nice to know what’s going on inside a dude’s mind, but honestly, sometimes its just disgusting. If it’s not gross, it’s probably so confusing and dumb that it’s worth asking about. People took to Reddit to discuss what men think and never say and it couldn’t be more hilarious and true.

What’s The Science Behind This?

Reddit / birdistheword2023

There needs to be some better science behind a man’s need to touch the top of the doorframe before he goes through it. It’s such a bizarre need. It’s almost automatic and probably stems from being younger and not being able to reach the top of the doorframe.

Maybe that’s it. Or, maybe our ancestors were all door-framers and that’s our subliminal way of paying homage to them. Who knows.