Public Bathroom Signs That’ll Have Your Mind So Far In The Gutter You’ll Wish It Was A Toilet

I don’t think this is too much of a hot take, but everyone has gone to the bathroom at least ONCE in their life. So, it’s safe to say that we need public washrooms to contain the crappiest part of humanity (no pun intended, but kind of pun intended).

But, what we don’t need are clever signs on those door letting us know which one we’re allowed to relieve our bowels in. Some toilet humor is funny, like for example, fart jokes. They’re ALWAYS funny. But, let’s try to keep the public washroom jokes to a minimum.

Welp, That’s One Way To Do It

Reddit / pokemonstadium2

These bathroom doors are found in a sports bar. Many athletes enjoy a couple of drinks at sports bars. This could get REALLY confusing if a football team walks in.

You’re going to have dudes going into every door being as confused as ever. The restaurant should just stick to the classics.

Take A Double Look


At first all seems normal. Just a regular set of bathrooms at a pizza joint, but if you take a close double look you’ll notice a difference.

The girl’s bathroom has a pizza with arms, and the guys washroom doesn’t. I must’ve missed something in my pizza anatomy class that I never took.

Deception Is Key


Whoever came up with this was on a mission to deceive. As you can see, the woman is on the men’s bathroom and vice-versa.

Deception is key in a lot of other aspects of life, but I feel like bathrooms are something that you just shouldn’t make this confusing. Maybe it’s just me.

Putting The Pieces Together


This bathroom door is reducing people to puzzle pieces and it’s actually refreshing. Anyway that we can simplify this otherwise complicated life is a positive for me.

I’ve always loved Lego, but now it brings an even deeper (and probably more sexual) meaning to it. I’m all about it though.

Well, This Is Literally Nuts

Twitter / @caseyplett

Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Now, I would like to point out some serious issues with these pictures.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’ve never seen a squirrel in a dress before. I have seen one in a tie going to work, but never a dress. We need to realize how rare this is.

Great Concept, Awful Execution

Reddit / bano25

If it took you about 20 minutes to fully understand what this sign was saying, you’re not alone.

First of all, women aren’t always right. Like, when they decided to make Uggs a thing a few years ago, or when they made Kim Kardashian extremely famous. Men had no part in that.

Russian Roulette


Wait, what? This is like Russian roulette, but worse. The punishment and humiliation of walking into the wrong washroom hits you like a bullet.

I think your best bet in this situation might just be to pee on the floor. It’s too risky to take a shot at which one is which.

It’s Almost As If It’s On Purpose?


I’m sorry, but how do you screw this one up? The art work is so well done and organized. To put the man on the women’s door and the woman on the dude’s door so blatantly has to be intentional.

There aren’t too many ways to successfully spot a serial killer. But the person who drew this might be one.

Unisex Toilets


I don’t know what the goal of this unisex bathroom is, but I have a feeling it’s perverted. This is just encouraging behavior that you’re probably not going to want in a public bathroom.

Stick people are known to get a little frisky in bathrooms to begin with. This is just giving them the pass.

Incredible. Just Incredible.

Twitter / @ruusenroba

Not only is this creative, but it’s also ORIGINAL. Making a sexual innuendo out of a public bathroom sign is EASY.

Making a joke that seamlessly involves the periodic table of elements is a lot more difficult. But they succeeded here. A small change I would make is calling it “shelium” but that’s just me.

Thanks Emoji Culture


We can give credit for these signs to our emerging emoji culture. Dudes can’t even eat a banana anymore without having their sexual orientation judged.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t look at a peach or an eggplant the same. Innocent fruit and veggies have been sexualized to a new extreme.

Can You Feel My Eyes Rolling Behind The Screen?

Instagram / @calebspradley

I’m just going to go out on a limb and assume that this was found in a frat house. I’ll tell you right now — not all guys are chick magnets.

The kid who brought his Gameboy to college and played it 24/7 probably isn’t a chick magnet. The guy who has teenage acne at 26, probably not a chick magnet.

Breaking The Seal


Well this is very creative and funny. I would safely say that this is my favorite one so far.

It gets to the point without really getting to the point. Just looking at these images is making me need to pee. I guess that the point of it all, right?

Hot Diggity Dog


Instead of venting about my personal feelings towards these signs, I’m going to vent about my hatred for hot dogs.

First of all, what’s a hot dog made of? Roadkill? Probably. Second of all, if mustard “goes well” with something, you should immediately ditch it. Mustard is awful and if you add it to your dog it’s just a double whammy of “puke in mouth”.

No, Like, What?

Twitter / @Bethany_Heintz

While many of these bathroom signs confused me, if I looked at the pictures long enough, I could usually figure out which one is which.

In this picture, I literally still don’t know which one is which. I’ve never seen anyone look like a black rainbow with a head before. Maybe it’s unique to Guatemala.

Thanks Shakespeare, Now Where’s The Toilet?


Think about this scenario. You’re rushing to the bathroom and are on the verge of explosion. You run up to find out that you LITERALLY HAVE TO READ A NOVEL just to get into the bathroom.

Whoever made these washroom signs just wants to watch the world burn. It’s official. I hate people.

Mildly Sexist, I Guess


So these bathroom doors are playing on the stereotype that girls don’t stop talking. They just blabber on and on about nothing.

Not only is this stereotype not true, but it’s not even a nice looking door. For some reason, the fact that they left out the “h” in blah is really irritating me too.

I’m Still Confused


I’m not going to lie, I still don’t know which one is which. Do they mean brats as in like sausages, or brats as in people who are annoying.

If it’s the latter, I have a feeling that there’s going to be a BIG line out of that washroom and no one in the other.

A Drunk Person’s Worst Nightmare


What’s going on with all of these bathroom signs picking on drunk people? Even the most blackout human should easily be able to go into the right bathroom.

It’s signs like these that are a drunk person’s worst nightmare. You don’t want to have to solve a riddle in order to figure out where you can drop some heat.

Wow, Just NORMAL Signs. Wait, Nevermind


At first, it was refreshing to see a washroom sign that I actually recognize. I don’t have to decipher a code or solve a riddle in order to figure out which is which.

And then, I looked a little longer. I’m not even going to elaborate on this since it’s VERY self-explanatory when you see it.