People Who Succeeded In The Best Way Possible

What is the definition of success and how is it determined? Is it merely based on financial well-being or is it just a mindset? The problem with success is that it’s subjective to an individual so it means a billion different things.

For convenience sake, we’re going to keep success to being the act of wanting something and then getting it. This article dives into moments that will truly inspire you in the most confusing way possible, so strap in.

A Dare Is A Dare Is A Dare

For anyone who has tasted the tyranny that is wasabi, you know that it packs a punch. But, if your dad dares you to do something, you do it. He raised you and therefore has your best interest in mind. Even if the wasabi makes you cry, you’re getting that $20 no ifs, and’s, or buts.

They See Me Rollin’

Having a car shows financial stability for a young person. If you’ve got that, your stock in the dating market will significantly soar. Case and point is this guy who was striking out with this girl until she found out that he has a car. She’s going to be asking HIM to marry her until she finds out he’s a fraud.

Sir, I Am Thirsty

All this guy wanted to do was get hydrated. Studies show that close to three-quarters of Americans are chronically dehydrated and need more liquid entering their bodies. This guy is being responsible for his health. If Michelle Obama taught us anything, it’s that drinking in the back of cop cars as long as it’s for health purposes is a good thing.

Successfully Didn’t Have To Mortage Their House To Get Dessert

Desserts at restaurants are becoming insanely expensive. It seems that a one-bite brownie basically doubles your bill at the end of your meal so it’s important to find ways to successfully beat the system. You can fake a birthday, sure, but if you really want to go all out — fake a proposal.

We’ve All Tried It

Admit it, you’ve seen a puddle and an innocent person walking down the road and then decided a quick swerve ‘N’ splash was everything you needed to make your day. This poor walker was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got a little wetter than I’m sure they were planning.

One Of The Best Promposals

Prom is a big day in the life of a high schooler. One of the best traditions is the promposals that come along with it. Some of the creativity, time and dedication that some guys put into these promposals deserve a lot of respect. This is one of them. If the girl wasn’t interested in him before, she sure is now.

It’s About Finding The Loopholes

There are millions of loopholes and life hacks that we need to start exposing more. This sign should just say “NO FUN PAST THIS POINT” and it would be more to the point. Fortunately, the creator of it didn’t think of a unicycle which happens to always get overlooked. It’s like the forgotten cousin of the bike, but this guy certainly isn’t complaining.

Once Again, It’s About Finding The Loopholes

It’s really hard to dupe your parents at this kid’s age. They have the experience and the knowledge but this kid has the intelligence. Rules are made to be broken and this kid found that out at a young age. This is such an impressive, well thought out stunt that his parents could do nothing but let it go.

Fake It Till You Make It

This guy snuck his way into an exclusive party with a fake wristband, the is, uh, obviously fake. It’s not about whether you get invited, it’s about whether you have the confidence to successfully sneak your way in. Walk fast, keep eye contact to a minimum and don’t just be confident — be cocky. Get pictures taken.

Successfully Found Someone Like You

The herd gets thin when you say that you want to get married in a Minions costume. This guy was able to successfully find the love of his life AND she was willing to make the sacrifice to not even see his face the entire wedding. For everyone who is single looking at this, it should evoke serious hope in future relationships.

Giving Yourself Fake Tickets So That You Don’t Get Any Others When Parking Illegally

Why do parking tickets exist? I want to live in a world where anyone can park anywhere at any time. Yes, I understand that the logistics just don’t make sense for that to ever be a reality, but parking tickets could possibly be the most annoying, inconvenient thing ever. This is one way to try to park illegally but not have to actually pay anything.

Grad Pictures Done Right

You only get your grad pictures done once, so make them count. James did just that. Yes, it’s a bit extra and over-done but one thing that’s for sure is that he will LOVE his pictures for years to come. Pro tip: always have a friend off to the side to hold your nameplate up.

Work – Play Balance

Life is about balance. If you work too much then you should stop and enjoy the fruits of life. If you don’t work enough you also can’t enjoy the fruits of life because you can’t afford it. This police officer is both protecting these parade dancers and enjoying all that they have to, uh, offer?

Mirror, Mirror, On The Pizza Box

The joke is absolutely savage but it’s amazing. People who work at pizza places are the most underrated comedians, I think. I have no evidence on that but I think that the debate should be had. Some might say that it’s too much but in my opinion, it only makes me want to order from this company again.

This Is Dedication To Not Having FOMO

If you’re willing to cut your hair just so that it adds a little realism to you still being in bed while you’re actually out drinking copious amount of vodka in a random field, you deserve it. It’s an art to be able to sneak out and not get caught, and a risky one at that. Only respect for these girls.

So Extra, So Brilliant

This guy wins at being a dog owner. Congratulations, this is what it looks like to be the most extra dog owner in the world. Do we love it? Absolutely. Does the dog love it? The jury is still out on that one but we can only assume yes. This dog probably eats bacon wrapped steaks for brunch every day.

The Extra Mile Is Important

This guy was successfully able to trick his girl into thinking he is at home in bed, while he’s actually just out with the boys. Incredible stuff. One thing he probably didn’t think of is that he’s going to have to get new sheets that match the inside of that jacket just for a seamless transition.

Best Kind Of Praise

Imagine being in class and getting praised for how well you nap. Heck, if there was a Grammy Award for best napper it’d be me. Place me in the middle of the busiest mall in the world and I can assure you I’d be counting sheep in my dreams within 10 minutes. Sarah looks like she has a good chance of being nominated for the award as well.