People Who Got Roasted By Retail And Now They Belong In A S’More

Retail can turn an otherwise happy and energetic individual into a sociopathic monster within a few weeks. We all know the drill — the customer is always right even when they’re obviously wrong.

It’s a mentality that is soul-sucking for a retail employee. But, for once, the retail industry has clapped back, firing lasting blows to their customers in the funniest ways possible. Enjoy.

It Saddens Me Too


Does anyone actually read what’s at the bottom of a receipt? I don’t think I ever have but this picture is sparking my interest.

I wonder if stores put unfunny dad jokes or negative comments about their competition at the bottom in the small print but no one reads them.

Another Day, Another Starbucks Fail


Look, Starbucks employees have a tough job when it comes to writing the correct spelling of names. Even the most basic names have weird spellings now.

Names like “Mike” end up being spelled like Myck and “Rachel” is somehow spelled Raychelle. This blunder is tough because it doesn’t make any sense, but to each their own.

I Love Wendy’s

Instagram / @_theblessedone

The real MVPs of Wendy’s are their hungover college interns that they employ to control their social media.

Out of all the fast food places, their social media presence is vast and savage. They will roast anyone and anything in a surprisingly sophisticated and hilarious way. We need more companies like them.

No, We’re Strictly Burgers

Reddit / Pandaninja94

If you’ve worked in retail, you’re probably used to the repetitive, common questions you always get. Stuff like, “where’s the bathroom?” “where is *item* in store?” etc etc.

But, the odd time you get a customer who is out to lunch completely. They’re the ones who go into grocery stores asking if they sell food.

It’s A Copyright Violation


Can we just talk about this hat for a second? I don’t understand why he felt the need to wear it. I get that people have their different fashion senses, but this one baffles me.

First of all, it’s not practical. Getting into a car with that thing on would be impossible. Give it back to Arby’s.

Math Is Hard


I can safely say that math is hard. Tipping is an art that takes time to perfectly master. I mean, kudos to the people who can figure out what 20% or 15% of their bill is right off the top of their head, but most can’t.

This is why debit and credit machines are NEEDED. Do the math for me, please.

Shots Fired! Shots Fired!

Twitter / @JayFeliipe

When a mobile phone company savagely roasts your looks, I think it’s time to go to bed.

You wake up in the morning and maybe expect something like that from the school bully. But, Tesco Mobile? Lord have mercy, I wouldn’t want to be seen again in public for the rest of the year.

You Asked For It


Fast food employees have nothing to lose. If you don’t specify your special instructions you’re going to get exactly what you asked for.

This person obviously meant that they wanted just cheese and ketchup ON a beef patty, but that’s not what they got. The customer won’t make that mistake again. Yikes.

When You’re Giving Off The Vibe


Honestly, in the mornings before my coffee, I’m absolutely an evil person. That might as well be my name.

There should be a law that prohibits anyone from talking to me before I take a sip out of my coffee. Nothing will brighten up your day quite like a cup of joe.

Well That Went From Zero To One Hundred


Dogs are a man’s best friend, and rightly so. We’re going to ignore the ashes of problem dogs at this doggie daycare and instead focus on how important they are in our lives.

First of all, they literally don’t complain about anything. They don’t ever have a bad day. They love you unconditionally. What more do you need?

Don’t Mess With The McNuggets


If you’re a lover of McNuggets, you know the blissful feeling you get right before you put the first one in your mouth. It’s euphoric.

When they rip you off by only putting six in the carton, you don’t just ruin a meal, you ruin a life and at least a year.

Server Nicknames


As a former server, I know this to be true. You give nicknames to your customers in order to keep your bills consistent.

Honestly, I’d be excited that “hairy” is my nickname because they can get a lot worse. Being called smelly, stinky, farty, sweaty, or just straight up gross is much worse.

Um, Kids?

Instagram / @aegrif

Back in my day, when we were eight years old we weren’t getting blackout drunk. Apparently the kids these days have other plans.

I could barely tie my shoe at their age, yet apparently, they’re throwing down shots of tequila like they’re water. I guess friendship bonds have to be created somehow.



People love being nice and offering up their time when they know that you’re not going to ask them.

But, as soon as you do they think of any excuse they can possibly think of. If it’s not their uncle’s hamster that’s in town, it’s their sister-in-law’s ant colony or something.

These Are The Worst Kind Of People


I just don’t get why people decide to come into the store MINUTES before it closes and have a full shopping spree.

Only a person with malicious intent to annoy the employees would ever want to do such a thing. Karma will get those people back in some way and at some time.

Time Adds Character

Reddit / thevintagekid

It’s interesting to note that fashion trends change daily, so something from the summer of 2000 might be incredibly out of touch.

No one is going to buy that. Heck, no one would buy clothing that was returned last month. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with how fluid the industry is.

When You Need To Get Away And Nap


When you’re working retail and you’re tired, it’s a recipe for disaster. First of all, you don’t want to have to talk to people even though that’s the main part of your job.

Second of all, you never get to sit down, which when you’re tired is even more awful. This person gave into their fatigue.

Look For Yourself


When customers walk into your store and ask if you’re open, you feel a rage like no other. If you’ve never had your blood literally boil, it will when this happens.

If you’re standing in our store, and there are employees working and other customers around, do the math.

The Best Feeling


Yes, the customer is “always right.” Or, that’s at least what they’ll tell you. Usually, the customer is wrong.

There’s no better feeling than when they ask for the manager and they get the exact same response from them as what you told the customer. It makes you want to do a little dance.

It’s A Lifestyle, Not A Job

Reddit / Baitnik

While there are perks to working in retail, there are certainly many downsides. The strain on your mental health having to deal with entitled customers is truly difficult.

If there was an honest sign like this out front of every store, I think there’d be an influx in retail openings.