People Tweet About Their Awful First Dates And Now I’m So Glad I’m Single And Ready For A Pringle

Where do I even being with first dates? They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and usually pretty boring. A “good” first date just means you didn’t fall asleep and you didn’t fully embarrass yourself and the rest of your family.

Shockingly, but not at all, there are more bad first dates than good ones. That sucks if you’re the one on the date, but it’s awesome to hear about. The bad first date stories in this article are hilarious and cringe-worthy so just be happy you’re sitting at your computer and not out on the town suffering like these people.

And So It Begins…

Twitter / @Oloni

I think each and every one of us at some point has had an awkward dating encounter.

Even if you haven’t been on a date before, you’ve probably seen an awkward first date while you were out to eat or something. They happen ALL too often and we’re so thankful for it.