People Shared Hilariously Bad Stock Photos Of Their Jobs And It Will Make You Consider A Career Change

We love to hate stock photos. They’re delightfully cheesy and always depict the strangest scenarios. Sometimes the scenes get so out of hand that we have to wonder if the photographer and models are living in the same world as us. The internet agrees, because the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob started trending to show us just how little sense stock photos make.

Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea for a nurse to talk to an empty wheelchair instead of her patient? These stock photos miss the mark, but it resulted in hilarity.

So Global Warming Is Man Made?


Climate scientists and Al Gore have been working hard for years to convince people about climate change when all they had to do was show us this photo.

We can debate the job of climate scientists all day, but all this stock photo proves is that climate change is indeed man-made.

But That’s What They Do On Grey’s Anatomy


So you’re saying all those times the residents at Seattle Grace carried organs around the halls with only a stethoscope wasn’t real?

I’m not going to lie, I feel a little betrayed. I genuinely believed that Shonda Rhimes wouldn’t play us like that, but apparently, she did.

This Is Exactly What My Local Yoga Class Is Like


This is supposed to be what a yoga instructor looks like, but it seems more like a peek behind the bedroom door into a new-age married couple’s intimate life.

That man’s hands are in too precarious of a spot for it to be appropriate, so we have to assume that they’re secretly swingers and are stretching for the big swap night.

Continue on to see what female mechanics REALLY look like.

It Might Help To Have The Stethoscope In Your Ear


In all honesty, most people that take their pets to the vet have no idea what’s going on. When I take my cat, the vet has to try and check all these things while the cat is squirming around trying to escape.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out my cat has very healthy shoulder joints and a severe heart condition.

Gynecologists Must Not Learn Bedside Manner


Getting a thumbs up from the creepiest gynecologist ever is probably not the most comforting thing for a woman to see when she’s got her legs up in stirrups. This gyno is holding that speculum with zero confidence.

This woman needs to get up, put on her clothes, and run as fast as possible.

Female Machinists Have To Be Sexy, It’s The Law


This girl will break a few hearts right before this drill breaks her in half. If only she had a man nearby to show her how to work this big, scary machine.

Unfortunately, we don’t see that many female machinists out there. Hopefully this isn’t the only picture of one out there.

Thankfully, the woman coming up found a way to have a man explain her job to her.

You Don’t Want To Be Upstaged By The Model


The photographer is usually an unknown figure behind the scenes, but they deserve some appreciation. It’s always about the model, but there’s a human being with feelings and nice curves behind that camera too.

So if a photographer is shooting your wedding pictures and they start taking some selfies, give them a break.

This Is Exactly What I Do When I ‘Hack’ My Friend’s Facebook


I can’t speak for the people who actually code things, but I know this is what I look like when I hack my friends’ social media accounts.

As soon as I walk by their laptop and see that they left their screen unlocked, I immediately turn off the lights and turn on my code projector while I type “Hacked! LOL.”

She’s Really Captured The Essence Of Humanity


Is it just me, or is it a requirement that any powerful woman has to automatically look good in a white pantsuit? Newsflash, not all women can pull off wearing white.

Characters like Olivia Pope in Scandal or Claire from Jurassic World all run around in all white pantsuits only because they’re successful enough to afford dry cleaning every day.

The stock photo coming up took the title of one job a little too literally.

I Think They Meant To Type “Psychedelic Nurse”


This psychiatric nurse and her patient must both be on a psychedelic trip because this photo makes absolutely no sense. This patient already has enough psychological problems. The last thing they need is to lose a sense of what’s real and what’s not.

As for the nurse, she’s definitely on acid if she thinks that wheelchair is her patient.

It Looks Like We Have God To Blame For The Prescription Drug Epidemic


Some pharmaceutical scientists probably think this photo is making fun of their career, but it’s a blessing in disguise. This photo is giving them an excuse to hand off all their sins to a higher power.

Yes, there are good pharmaceutical scientists out there, but there are also evil ones who want to watch the world burn and become addicted to their drugs.

This Looks Like A Game Of Pictionary


This is exactly what you’d draw as a photo if you got the word ‘think tank’ in Pictionary. Since no one really knows what anyone does in think tanks, you have to go for the two-words, two-pictures approach.

Plus, this photo is much more exciting that what the reality is, which is just a bunch of people sitting alone in their office reading things.

The stock photo coming up might seem like a joke, but it’s surprisingly close to the truth.

As You Can See, It’s All About Visual Design Anyways


Marketing might sound like a catch-all term, but a good marketer actually has a lot of skills and this stock photo does not do it justice.

A marketer needs to have good communication, analytics, sales, and social media skills. Apparently, they need to be able to color as well.

I Have A Gavel, They Should Too


This photo might seem ridiculous, but stop and ask yourself — what’s stopping you from owning a gavel? I have a gavel for when important decisions need to be made.

For instance, if you can’t decide which bar to go to after the game, you can all vote on it like a true democracy, then once it’s determined you get to yell “Gaveled!” It’s a win-win.

That’s Actually Not Very Far Off From The Truth


This isn’t a satire, this is the truth. Unless you’ve stumbled into a progressive school, most academics you encounter will be old, white men.

They got tenure back in the 1960s and will stay in school until they die because they have nothing else to live for. Then, they will be replaced by a younger, bearded white man.

Workplace Safety Is For Chumps


Remember in high school when you had to go over all those workplace safety standards just to be able to mix two chemicals in science class?

Well, that’s about as much training as you get in the real world. One sheet where you have to draw lines between the symbols and the words, and you’re good to start working with dangerous machines.

And Humans Created Robots In Their Own Image


Robots researchers are ones at the forefront of our advancement as a society, but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. Why shouldn’t they have a little holographic fun every once in a while?

Plus, if robots are going to take over the world, let’s hope they are programmed to appreciate DaVinci’s art.

Glad To See That PhD Getting Put To Use


There is no need for the lab coat or safety goggles on this “space astronomer.” The things he is looking at are lightyears away.

If something is coming close enough to harm him, like an asteroid headed to earth, then I can guarantee those flimsy plastic goggles won’t be much help.

And The Judge Is A Gryffindor


Okay, if we’re going to get into it, it’s pretty clear that only for-profit lawyers are Slytherins because they seek opportunity for their own advancements. Gryffindors are the judge because they want to be all high and mighty to feel better than everyone else.

To round it out, state prosecutors are Ravenclaws, and pro bono lawyers would be Hufflepuff. Change my mind.

We Can Confirm The Tech People Are Always Frustrated


You don’t even need to be in IT to know that this stock photo is a blatant lie. All you need to do is walk over to the tech person in your office and mention that you opened an e-mail with a link in it, and now your computer won’t turn on.

The stone-cold look on their face will show you how much stuff they put up with.