Mildly Infuriating Things In Our Lives That Are A Major Problem

Ugh, this is so frustrating!

Don’t you hate it when something grinds your gears? Even if it’s not a person, there’s always something that will set us off a little bit. When that happens, you have to do your best to think before you react. If you do the opposite, then you’re just going to be frustrated all day long. Nobody wants that, especially on Monday’s. Some of the things that will set people off include those stupid little half-hidden door stoppers that you’re constantly tripping over. It’s one of those things where you just have to hope for the best.

That One Missing Piece

This always happens, so you might as well buy extra ones just in case this happens again. Just hope that one of the buds don’t get stuck inside your ear. Trust me, it’s happened to a few people before. You know what would be great to keep it from falling off? Superglue.

Not Sharpened Properly

Pencils that didn’t sharpen were the worst, especially around test time. You know that every student is going to use the sharpener minutes before the test is handed out. Thanks to the crummy sharpener your classroom has, there’s no way you’ll get the test done.

Eight Not Nine

Really though, they could have added another pack to make the box full. Gum companies are so cheap just to save a buck on a pack of freshness.

Just ahead, when Gilette took note of this and made something that’ll annoy anyone who has to shave.

Jerks Live Among Us

Yup, they really are. Even with a small car like this, you shouldn’t be that jerk. Sadly, these people live in our lives. They think they’re all that and feel they need some personal space. But in all honesty, people who do this, get a bucket of karma coming down on them when they least expect it.

The Worst Part About Windows Updates

Thank you, Windows, for the dismal amount of time on your updates. You would think that they would take at least 10 minutes. Instead, it takes about half the day for the update to complete. They always seem to be scheduled right when you actually need your computer for a big presentation. In the meantime, just keep playing on your phone.

Five Not Four

Gillette offers five razors slot but only come with four. Is this not false advertising? Having one extra blade goes a long way. Guys don’t want to have to worry about constantly buying new razor heads.

Ever seen an elevator that’s misleading of their floor plan? More on that later.

Too Much Like Toys R Us

Nice try, and stop being cute. The r shouldn’t be backward because buying furniture is nothing like Toys R Us. Maybe for adults it’s fun, but for kids, they’ll be kicking and screaming to get out faster than ever before. Oh, one more thing, did you notice the spelling mistake?

Too Quick On The Job

As soon as someone found out the world wasn’t ending, they walked away from this job. It was probably going to be a wall montage for the end of the world back in 2012. But hey, here we are now. We’re years away from the silly threat and we all moved on with our lives.

Upward Confusion

People know why there isn’t the thirteenth floor, but this has mistake written all over it. Basically, if you want to go up to the fifth floor, you might be reading all the wrong numbers.

Still to come, a pet peeve in which people leave certain things in the fridge.

Stupid Little Doorstop

Once you step on this little you know what, your big toe will be throbbing in pain. Eventually, that’ll turn into a nice bruise. For something like a doorstop to be so convenient, those little things are rather painful to come across. It’s almost like you’re about to enter a room full of Legos.

Come On, Apple

It would have made more sense for Apple to put the port at the back of the mouse. Instead, they have to have it on the bottom, just to be difficult. Macbook owners hate when they have to do this. Next time, instead of doing this, just charge the mouse when you’re not even using it.

Dump It Out Why Don’t You

It’s not that hard to do. Just take the bottles out, open the cap, dump what’s left, then recycle. Seriously, that’s the most obnoxious amount to leave behind and it’s not worth the beverage.

The next one ahead will make people put something back where it belongs.

Lazy To Crazy

From laziness to craziness, some people don’t have common sense anymore. The worst part about this would be living with that monster. Is it really that difficult to replace a roll of toilet paper? Heck, even sloths could do the right thing instead of this tragedy.

Barely Any Pepperoni

Cheese pizzas just aren’t the same. Okay, maybe for some of you, but there are people out there who probably would go back and complain. Despite the value, you would think a pizza place would be lenient on adding more pepperoni to this lifeless pizza.

Put It Back Where It Belongs

People who have worked at a grocery store have seen this before. People are lazy and have no problem leaving ice cream with spray. I guess they forgot what happens to ice cream once it’s not frozen.

Coming up, why the price of a big glass of beer is much more expensive than a smaller one.

Work So Hard

No, Amazon, this is just fake news. Are you really going to give me a gift card like that? Maybe I’ll call customer service to see if this real or not. Just kidding, you can clearly tell that this is just one of those random pop-ups that appear on every phone.

Why You Need Your Mommy’s Help

This brought back more than a few childhood flashbacks. First of all, if you forgot to drink you milk, or even worse if it ripped in your bag, the smell would be absolutely horrible. Even if you did remember to open up your milk, there’s a good chance that it ripped like this, and the tears started flowing.

More Money, More Beer

Fact: the more beer you have, the better buzz you have. Second fact: the more beer in your glass, the more money you have to cough up. It’s a ploy most restaurants will do to get you to buy more than a 16-ounce glass of beer. The next time you out, now you know.

Too Many Emails

Anyone with OCD will be quick to delete all 56,854 emails. You can easily make a game out of this activity. All you have to do is get a stopwatch, then, start timing yourself the second the first email is deleted. You’ll be amazed to see how time-consuming this is when you’re bored.

Real Life Tetris

The thought of moving tiles like this instantly remind you of Tetris. A game like that has a major thought process. Although, whoever did this was never in that mindset. Better yet, they probably never played the game before. There’s a good chance they won’t be back to fix this mistake.