Homemade Birthday Cakes Guaranteed To Ruin The Party

There was always one kid in the neighborhood that was spoiled enough to get a professional, store-bought cake for their birthday every single year. The picture-perfect cakes were only a dream for the rest of us, who usually ended up with a homemade cake that our mom’s whipped up at the last second.

Most of the homemade cakes I got as a kid were pretty basic, but Pinterest has lit the cake-decorating fire under these parents, and now they (mistakingly) try to shoot for the stars with every birthday cake. We love these parents for trying to make the best birthday cakes possible, but some of those homemade cakes are scary enough to fuel nightmares.

Perfect For Your Potty-Training Toddler


The moment you think you should take creative liberties and stray from the decorating instructions, think again. I get that the brown blobs are supposed to be desert rocks, and not piles of poop, but what is that brown line supposed to be?

There’s nothing in a desert scene that calls for a thick line of brown icing.