Here’s A Bunch Of Dudes Trying To Understand Women, And Failing So Hard

Even though men and women have been co-existing for the entirety of time, there’s still plenty men don’t understand about women and vice-versa. It’s not that we don’t WANT to know, it’s that sometimes men just don’t have the capacity to understand. Sure, not every dude is going to want to know how to maneuver successfully through Sephora, but most at least want to try.

This article is going to show you a bunch of guys who try to understand what their girlfriend is saying, but it’s too much to comprehend.

How Dare You?

Twitter | @andynedelrey

When girls start talking about makeup, get ready for some wild conversation. There’s nothing that gets them more excited and amped up than talking about different types of blush and contour styles.

To the naked eye these are the same colors, but to a girl, these are VERY different shades of lipstick. The one on the right is probably Valentine’s Day red, while the one of the left is more of a blood red. Don’t you dare mix them up.