Fans That Prove NASCAR Has The Most, Uh, Dynamic Crowds

Diehard sports fans are insane. I don’t care what sport you’re talking about because it doesn’t matter — they’re all crazy. They have no problem stripping down to nothing, or dressing up in ridiculous outfits just to show support for a team that doesn’t know they exist.

NASCAR fans are no different. Yes, it’s a sport, I don’t care what you say. The racetrack might be the mecca of hidden gems that you wouldn’t see at any other sporting event. This makes NASCAR fans look dynamic and original. Enjoy.

So Many Questions


If you ever see a girl in a NASCAR visor, just know that she’s probably into some freaky things. No one is willing to demean their character and appearance in such a drastic way AND be monogamous.

This is just basic science that I’ve concluded myself just by looking at this picture.

Guy Fieri In The Cut

Twitter / @scottaltimanman

Guy Fieri is everywhere these days. You’ll never know where you’re going to run into the famous chef when he’s outside of the kitchen.

This day he chose some pink hair, pink tie-dye, and a camp visor (just in case anyone forgot he has a mean right hand). We see you Guy, we see you.

Lifelong Dedication

Twitter / @gihuff11

This tat is vibrant yet subtle. Actually, it’s absolutely not subtle at all. Fans often show their dedication to their favorite athlete or team by getting a tattoo, and NASCAR fans are certainly no different.

This girl doesn’t just WANT you to know she’s a fan, she NEEDS you to know.

He’s Tired, Literally

Twitter / @ForTheWin

Tireman gets a lot of traction year in and year out at Talladega. Yes, I meant that in the punniest way possible. No, I can’t promise that it’s the last one of the article.

His scarecrow hat and army green straps make for an aesthetically pleasing outfit. The tire could pose some problems in the sitting department, but to each their own.

Chewey, We See You

Twitter / @PuestoLoco

Chewbacca is a well known NASCAR fan, or at least it looks like it anyway. He took in a race and went all out by shaving Dale Earnhardt Sr’s number three in his back.

In all honesty though, I don’t know whether to be mortified or impressed by this. I’m choosing mortified.

The Next Thomas Edison

Twitter / @break

Some of the most adaptive and brilliant inventions come from NASCAR fans. Bucket hats are essential to have on while you’re roasting in the sun on race day, but just as important is protecting those ears.

Unfortunately, until this trendsetter came along you couldn’t have both — don’t fret, this guy has you covered.

This Grandma Is A Savage

Twitter / @KayKay300S

Can someone come get their grandma? She’s at the race track and is making everyone look bad.

Those beers didn’t stand a chance. She hasn’t been training her liver for 80 years for nothing. She’s using all the chugging lessons and resource management techniques she’s learned during her long life.

The Shirts Never Fit

Twitter / @DrunkNASCARFans

If you go to a NASCAR race, you’re probably going to realize right away that their shirts never fit. This goes for both dudes and girls.

It’s not even that everyone is overweight or underweight, it’s that they don’t care to fit shirts to their body. This picture should perfectly explain what I’m talking about.

Piercing My Soul


This is Tucker. I don’t actually know that his name is Tucker, but doesn’t he just look like one?

His glasses say “I wanna go fast” but his piercings say “I’m significantly impaired and shouldn’t be going fast”. Other than that, this whole ‘hanging off the nipple’ thing is painful to look at.

The Haircuts Are Stellar


If you’re looking for a place to get some hairstyle inspiration, look no further than a NASCAR race track.

There are some very clean cuts hanging around and this one is no exception. The bangs in combination with the straight hair on the side is to die for. Just incredible.

How Does That Happen?


Can you imagine this happening at any other sporting event? I have so many questions on how this went about.

First of all, how drunk and passed out do you have to be to sleep through a NASCAR race? If you’ve ever been to one, you know how LOUD those cars are.

Hats On Hats On Hats


This looks like a hat that you’d get out of a cereal box and it is surprisingly well built. Like, you’re usually expecting a crappy toy, but this is a detailed hat.

I mean, I don’t know where he got this from, but I’d be willing to inquire about purchasing it.

It’s Just A 24


If you crush 24 bottles of beer before you go to a race, you’re in the majority. Most people go to these races in an absolute blackout (and I don’t blame them).

This guy is no different at all. He’s taking advantage of everything that the beer case is willing to give him, including a break from the sun.

A NASCAR Stroller


If you’re going to the race track and you’re bringing one of your younger kids, you’re going to need a couple of things.

First, you need noise canceling headphones. Why? Because unless you want a screaming child the entire time, you’re going to want to cover their ears. Second, you need a stroller that looks like a monster truck. Why? Because it looks cool.

Arrests Run Rampant


Well, what do you expect? When people have to watch cars go in circles for five hours, they’re going to get bored.

The rest is history. When you’re bored, you’ll turn to fighting or binge drinking to pass the time. This girl decided to throw her drink on the person in front of her “because she felt like it”.

The White Trash Tailgate


If you think that football tailgates are wild, just wait until you get to see a NASCAR tailgate. That’s what white trash dreams are made of.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of fun. But, prepare your liver for a full day of abuse because that’s what’s going to happen.

Th Fashion Is Unmatched


The fashion at the race track is absolutely unmatched by anywhere else in the world. In no other sporting event would someone wear a bra over their shirt and be considered normal, but here it is.

The whole ensemble of this girl is just miraculous. I love everything from the visor to the khakis.

The Signs Are Hilarious


You know those Sunday mornings when you wake up from a blackout and you’re still drunk? Well, this girl is living that truth in this picture.

You’re not even hungover because it hasn’t fully kicked in yet. You’re just tired and drunk. In fact, you probably stumbled out of bed and lost your balance about three times on the way to the washroom.

It’s One Talented Crowd


You won’t find a more talented crowd. I mean, look at these skills and tell me you’re going to find this at a baseball game. Well, you’re not.

Beer is basically the lifeblood of any NASCAR fan, so the tricks they’re able to perform with a few bottles are quite intense.

You’ll Find A Lot Of Six Packs


You’ll find the most six packs per capita at a NASCAR race. Heck, you’ll find more six packs than if you went to a CrossFit championship.

Without a doubt, you’ll also find the most kegs. All in all, you’ll find the most beer. You probably won’t find a single abdominal muscle.