Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down! Women Who Are About to Have A Wardrobe Malfunction

Have you ever worn clothes that were a little loose and you almost expose one of your body parts that you do not want anyone to see? These celebs were out in about at award ceremonies, performances, or on the red carpet, and out of the clear blue, they almost had a wardrobe malfunction! A huge majority of the time it happens on camera! Watch as these celebrities “almost” have a wardrobe malfunction!

Dakota Johnson

In January of 2016, Dakota Johnson accepted The Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. While going up to accept the award, a strap on her dress came loose and almost exposed her boobs!

Kim Kardashian Catches It Just in Time!

Kim Kardashian is a model, actress, tv personality and socialite who is everywhere these days. Kim looks down and catches an almost repeat performance of the Janet Jackson disaster that happened years ago, minus Justin Timberlake of course!

Kate Caught in the Wind

Kate Hudson is a Golden Globe Award winning actress. Kate Hudson’s close call with the wind!

Not so Naughty Nicki

Nicki happens to catch the puppies before they came out

Rita Ora Oopsie

It almost happened to Rita at the Chiltern Firehouse!

Madonna Gets Caught Up

Madonna had to cover it up in a February 2016 performance in which she almost fell backwards due to some of the fabric being caught in her wardrobe and would have showed something underneath.

Rose Risks All on the Catwalk

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley almost loses it when her blue robe almost revealed the tiger, putting it lightly. Hey, it’s the catwalk, so what would you expect!

Mariah Has the Leg Up on Things

The talented Mariah Carey performing and almost reveals her most intimate parts

Lea Almost Lets It Out

Lea Michele, the actress from Glee, almost has a wardrobe malfunction at an advertising event.

Karen Danczuk Dunking Donuts!!

Is something about to pop out!

Pepperoni is a no-go

Emma Watson reveals the pepperoni and something else almost comes out with it.

Rita Don’t Move Too Fast

Rita appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man. As she sat down, one of her breast almost came out. She caught it just in time.

Frankie Comes out…Almost!

Frankie Essex of TOWIE almost had a close call with a wardrobe malfunction at the Olympus Has Fallen UK film premiere in London on April 3rd.

Button It Up Christina!

Christina Milian at the AMA in November 2015

Okay, That’s Twice. What Gives!

One almost escapes from Christina!

Cuoco Stoops Low and It’s About to Blow!

Kayley Cuoco straight out of yoga class almost has an upper wardrobe malfunction.

That One is Intentional

Charlotte McKinney almost has one while playing around with her bikini top!

It’s Obvious That Kate Was Going to Have It Happen!

Kate Hudson at the AMA in 09. It happened as she leaned forward but luckily it went fine.

No Peeking!

Ciara at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards press conference in Beverly Hills catches herself just in time. The face says it all!

Hot Cross None!

Sam Faiers at the NTA’s. She almost has a malfunction with the cross strap dress.

Rihanna Needs to Raise Up!

On November 13, 2009, Rihanna was leaving an afterparty and her breast nearly came out as she was getting into a vehicle.

Kelly Nearly Loses It

Kelly Rowland leans forward and her bra nearly comes off.

Ellie Needs Her Freedom

On February 6, 2014, Ellie Goulding was performing in Warsaw, Poland when she almost had her wardrobe moment in a pair of shorts.

Kristen Stewart Nearly Plunges

Kristen Stewart at the Cosmopolis at Cannes wearing a red gown with a plunging neckline.

Nicole’s Side View at Monaco

Nicole Scherzinger at the Monaco Grand Prix in a revealing dress.

Rihanna and Straps

Rihanna in a thin strapped dress. One of her breast nearly comes out.

Rihanna from the Back

Rihanna’s uniform comes undone in the back. Luckily it did not slip off.

Jennifer Doesn’t Notice, Someone Should Tell Her

Jennifer Lawrence almost has a nip slip while in a car after the Mockingjay premiere.

Susan Sarandon Eases Over

Susan almost spills the beans in this dress!!

No Jiggling For Jenna!

Jenna-Louise Coleman caught just in time. Perfect expression!

Janelle’s Interesting Shirt

Janelle Evans out running errands.

No Holds Barred for Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer almost releases the puppies in the mink!

Slippery Situation for Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan modeling shoot where things are popping!

Mary in Mesh

Mary J Blige almost has her wardrobe moment on stage.

Katy Perry No Straps

Katy nearly comes out of it as you can see!

Michelle Rodriguez Takes Precaution

Michelle protects the puppies.

This is It, This is It

Valerie covers up on the red carpet.

Beyonce Gets a Helping Hand

On October 21, 2015, at a Tital event in Brooklyn, Beyonce’s assistant catches her wardrobe before it malfunctions.