College GameDay Signs That Were More Impressive Than The Game Itself

College GameDay is known for its hilariously creative and personal signage that show up behind the crew at the desk.

With the chance to tell a joke to a nationwide audience at the expense of another team or player, you know that students are going to come locked and loaded. Here are some of the best signs that made their world debut on College GameDay.

Don’t Do It Nick

Twitter / @UofCFB

Never pay for Tinder. Never pay for Tinder. Whatever this sign says HAS to be true.

In all seriousness though, there’s literally no reason to buy the app. It comes free with everything you need. Only the most DESPERATE people will ever actually buy a dating app that you can get for free.

Such A Waste

Twitter / @TheFraternityBR

If you’re a Pokémon fan, you know how bad this is. Leornard Fournette was a man among children during his time at LSU, but apparently he was a man who didn’t grow up trying to become a Pokémon master.

Now he’s trying to catch up with his peers and wasting his Pokéballs.

Good Sportsmanship

Twitter / @timgbecker

Don’t we all? At the end of the day, football is just a game and we don’t want any hard feelings. Right? Right? No?

We just want everyone to shake hands after trying to bash each other’s head in. Good sportsmanship is all that matters in college football. Love this.

Take That Louisville

Twitter / @cullenlasso

The biggest cuts to an ego come from rhyming their name with less appetizing phonic equivalents. The toilet humor version of the Louisville Cardinals is effective and intellectually brilliant.

My guess is that the entire city of Louisville, heck the entire state of Kentucky, hasn’t fully recovered from this devastating blow.

Poopy Pants

Twitter / @asbell_tony

This is actually something to be proud of. Over 2.5 million doctor visits are directly caused because of constipation and not being able to deliver healthy stool.

This is more important than most people realize. So, it’s something to brag about. I don’t blame him one bit for making this crappy sign.

Mom, Help

Twitter / @Womanista

These are the hail mary’s that we want to see in college football. This poor college student is thirsty and the only way to quench it is with a nice cold Miller Lite.

In an inspirational turn of events, this guy got sent a lot of beer money from viewers across the world. You’re off the hook, mom.

Be Proud Of Your Heritage

Twitter / @gregg_fann

When you’re proud of your heritage, you’re proud of your heritage. This guy gets to the point very quickly and allows us all a small window into his life.

This is also a great Tinder picture if he’s needing one. I feel like I know all I need to about this guy.

This Makes Me Happy

Twitter / @cmgluck86

Don’t remind me. While many people will say that Shooter McGavin blew a four-stroke lead, I would say that Happy Gilmore WON the Waterbury Open.

That movie gives all of us hope. Never give up. Coming back from four strokes down on the back nine is virtually impossible. But Happy did it.

This Is Actually True

Twitter / @BrentPhelps

Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but the guy doesn’t quit. I mean, he probably should quit on the professional athlete dream and just stick to broadcasting, but he doesn’t.

After his football career fizzled out, he tried his luck at baseball and, well, that didn’t work out so well either, as you can see from this sign.

So Unnatural

Twitter / @5thYear

Rule number one of being an adult is to NEVER trust anyone who wipes back to front. Now that we’re aware Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer does “that”, it makes me look at him very differently.

It’s such an unnatural motion that doesn’t happen unless you actually think about it. You should NEVER have to think about it.

No Rhyme Or Reason

Twitter / @tiaaawilliams

This has to sting. JT Barrett took some hard blows with this sign. There’s nothing worse than having your name rhyme with carrot. Well, I guess I can think of a couple things.

Barrett even said that nothing really gets to him mentally, but after seeing this sign, he saw it as a low blow.

Sorry, Michigan

Twitter / ScoutTeamRadio

This is actual facts. I don’t care what anyone from Michigan says, their team is now officially the Michigan Very Large Weasels.

This completely derails any cool factor that UMich ever had. It also, unfortunately, ruins how I look at Wolverine from X-Men. He’s no longer that cool knowing he’s a stinky weasel.

Scooby > Air Bud


This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m a bigger fan of Scooby-Doo than Air Bud (even before the whole dunking situation).

Scooby was actually out solving crimes with the gang. Meanwhile, Air Bud, as talented as he was, just hung around basketball courts. The real shape-shifter was SD.

And That’s SLOW


Do you even remember using Internet Explorer? Probably not. Most of us have transitioned over to Google Chrome or Safari.

If you’re using IE, you might as well just switch over to AOL dial-up. That at least had interesting visuals while you had to wait for the home page to load for six hours.

In Case Anyone Was Wondering


When you go to College GameDay, you don’t want to leave out anything about yourself. Even though this guy liking sports might be fairly obvious, he’s still going to bring this sign.

This leaves nothing to the imagination. No one in or around him the entire day will ever wonder about what hobbies he has.

Boom With That Attitude


Can we just talk about password strength for a second? First of all, your password could be 16 letters long but if it doesn’t have a capital letter mixed with 17 different symbols, it’s considered “weak”.

I can only imagine that “NAVY” would be one of the weakest passwords you can have.

Way To Make It Cringe


This is one of my biggest fears. Nothing’s worse than when someone holds the door open for you and you’re still like 14 yards away.

In your head, you need to hurry up because you don’t want them to have to wait. But, you don’t want to sprint because then you look too desperate. It’s a lose-lose.

When You Bring A Non-Sports Fan To A Game


In theory, it’s a great idea to bring your non-sports friend to a college football game. You want to make them experience the atmosphere and pride of your school.

In reality, they usually don’t have any fun at all. They just scream when everyone else is screaming and are completely lost the entire time.

Needed A Sign Though


If you’re going to College GameDay, you better be bringing a sign. The event is as much about reading the hilarious works of art as it is about actually watching the game.

Even if you can’t think of anything funny, just improvise something, anything. That’s exactly what this person did.

I Don’t Blame Him


Honestly, I don’t blame him for doing so. When you send pictures of yourself, you might as well look the best you possibly can.

That usually means getting the perfect angle and wearing that flower crown. I don’t care what anyone says, that flower crown makes you look like Beyoncé.