Clueless People Who Have No Thought Process Whatsoever

Trusting your instincts can be a hit or miss. Say you’re in a position where nothing makes sense. Thinking on your feet could be the only way out, but if you’re tackling something major, it helps to think things through.

You should approach most situations by swinging for the fences until someone gets knocked out cold. What you’re about to see could make you yell at your computer screen.

I’m sure you’re not alone because some people need to have a better thought process when taking action.

So Long, Richard


Yeah, no thank you. I don’t want to see the latest entry for the village idiot of the year. But, if I were to vote, this would win by a landslide. There won’t be any other contenders anytime soon.

I’m curious to see what happens next, but I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty.

It’s Not Your Typical Alarm Clock


The more you drink, the more stupid decisions you make. It’s a big reason why the alarm clock has a colon instead of a decimal in it, but I didn’t know you could divide time.

This might not be the best idea, but you would want to multiply your sleeping time then pound the alarm.

The Sound Of Silence


Hello, darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its plate crashing while you weren’t looking. And the vision is planted in your brain.

That was my sad attempt at Simon and Garfunkel, but next time, pay attention to what you’re doing.

Wait until the next one ahead. It’s the thought that counts but at least someone tried to pull it off.

The Most Awkward Bathroom Stall Ever


Have you seen this before? Neither have I. But, I will never understand the concept behind it, and it’s a lousy way to mess up a bathroom design. Like, imagine how uncomfortable you’re going to feel.

To be fair, all bathrooms are designed to make us feel uncomfortable anyways.

Rocket Man


Burning shoes are one thing, but this guy should have taking them off. Trust me. Johnny Knoxville did a similar situation during his days on Jackass. In the first movie, Johnny attached fireworks to his rollerblades.

I don’t think this guy knows about that, but he’ll learn a thing or two today.

At Least You Tried


Well, it’s the thought that counts. I have never seen someone cut up pizza so bad. This looks like it was their first attempt. I know that there’s a first for everything, but your terrible carpenter skills are to blame here.

That, or you’re an uncoordinated individual.

Oh no! The next one ahead might make you cry in a corner, especially if it’s your dinner.

Smart Move Bud


It’s similar to when you clean your floors. Like, you start somewhere, wash all the floors with your Swiffer, then you leave yourself in an island of regret. Like cleaning, painting is dull work.

But, I don’t think this guy is going to get out anytime soon because he has no exit strategy.



It looks like someone dropped the ball here. Even with the world’s most reliable ball, it makes you wonder how these holes came about. Despite this being a massive blooper, you can’t help but be impressed by the aftermath.

It’s the worlds most oddly amusing mistake known to humanity.

Oh No, There Goes Dinner!


Great, now two people are going to be crying all night. That means there won’t be any fighting over what occurred, and that’s someone’s fault for not paying attention.

I would be extremely disappointed that this happened because Chipotle is just too good to pass up.

French fries are tasty, but the most unexpected item found it’s way into one. You’ll see what happened shortly.

It Might Have Been A Mistake


She didn’t want to take it off, and she’s old enough to do what she wants. Unfortunately, when she goes to school, this won’t fly with her teachers.

Many teachers aren’t okay with wearing hats in class. But a dinosaur head? That’s going to be tough to explain.

One Trick Pony


You know what? There’s been worse things that people have packed in their trucks. But, a horse? That’s another level most people wouldn’t get on. However, it appears that they’re in a hurry, so desperate times call for extreme measures.

They really could have thought of a better way to do this.

I Got Some Metal On Me French Fry!


It’s hard to see this being an honest mistake. It’s not the work of a fisherman, and you could assume there’s some sea monster in the ocean. It could be a creature like something from The Shape of Water who’s looking for revenge.

All this because you ate their friends. I guess in this case, revenge is a dish best served with a side of ketchup.

You don’t even need to come up with a conclusion for the next one ahead.

Don’t Go That Way


When the sign and traffic light start arguing, everyone loses. I don’t even think cops would be able to sort out this issue. But, it’s fair to say that cops could stake out this spot.

It gives them something to do when they’re bored because some people won’t listen the traffic sign.

Thank You!


I’m scratching my head as to how this happened. It’s evident that no one will be enjoying their new ties. Both parties are at fault here.

It’s not the best way to package ties, and it’s not the best way to open a package, especially when you don’t know what’s inside.

That’s Not Good


Oh wow, you don’t even need to come up with a conclusion. You know exactly how this is going to go down, but I don’t even think someone like Steve-O would think this is okay.

If you saw this and didn’t realize what’s going on, you’re a terrible person.

For one person, they decided it would be great to bring all the change with them. Find out why you might ask your manager for a raise shortly.

Holding Hands With Feet


Okay, just because you’re in a car, I don’t get why this is a thing. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea to think before you do something, but they just went all in here.

Otherwise, you end up like this weirdo who’s going to be one-handed forever.

Nice Bathroom


There’s nothing like going to the bathroom in the middle of the stairs. It must feel nice to let loose on the can while people awkwardly watch you do your business. Hopefully, this person doesn’t plan on having people over anytime soon.

But, where the heck is the bathtub?

Oh, Come On, Man!


Well, this guy could have counted the change at home. Instead, he insisted that this was a good idea. You have to feel sorry for the super unlucky employee who’s going to have to count all of his change.

If that were me, I would demand a raise from my boss.

That’s Thai For "Fresh Spring Rolls"


Someone like her can consider herself lucky. Her tattoo could have meant something much worse than something from your local Thai restaurant. If anything, most Thai people would be impressed by her piece of ink.

But, I feel sorry for the ones who have to explain what "inner peace" really means.



Think about the children! The little ones could hurt themselves with something so dangerous. Sadly, there are no price slashers here because it was in the wrong place.

That shopping cart certainly needs to be removed from the store before someone gives a quick call to Health and Safety.