Boyfriends Who Moved In With Their Girlfriends And All Friggin Heck Broke Loose

It’s common knowledge that everyone changes once they get into a relationship. I mean, naturally you can’t go out five times a week with the guys when you’re in a committed relationship.

But, the biggest change comes when you move in together. That’s a completely different circus. Living under the same roof, you start to take after one another. Your habits change — some for the better, and some for the worse. This article shows some of the common changes in fellas when they move in with their girl. It’s haunting, scary, hilarious, and absolutely not true. So, when you’re reading this, don’t shoot the messenger.

Takes Some Getting Used To

Reddit / WeASeL_Antigua

If you’re new to living with a girl, just know that it brings you an insane amount of complications. I mean, it’s not like you can’t adjust, but it’ll take some time.

For example, keeping the toilet seat up. That’s something you do naturally without any thought. But, it needs to stop when you live with your girlfriend because she’ll fall in.