All The Things That Were Too Weird To Look At In Your Parents’ House

No matter how many times you visit your parents, there’s always a goldmine of weirdness in their house. It’s like once you hit a certain age you just start collecting the strangest things. Amongst all of the junk, there’s usually a gem or weird object that deserve to be highlighted.

Whether it’s little bathroom necessities or very unnecessary items, it’ll be enough to ask your parents why they even bought it in the first place.

Why any parent thought it made sense to invest in a creepy doll Christmas tree is beyond me.

Trekkies Vs. Religion

Parents House 1

Any Star Trek fan would have a lot of fun setting this up in their hallway. That will inspire any Trekkie to bring out their own collection of action figurines.

Even if you aren’t a fan, I’m sure you can still find some use out of this. It’s a harmless prank that’s actually hilarious if you think about it.

It’s A Balancing Act

Parents House 2

There’s nothing weird about this little guy. It’s a nice feature to the bathroom, and it adds a little satisfaction to the process, no matter what time it is.

I think it’s safe to say that our little man with no pants should only be found in the bathroom. He’s the perfect addition to help pass the time if you forgot to bring your phone.

Good Luck Explaining This To Your Guests

Parents House 4

Whenever you have someone over, good luck explaining this to them. Like, was it a gift you received at your wedding? Are they just leisurely paddling around? Escaping from a bank robbery? Who knows what they’re doing.

Based on this gem, the possibilities are endless for this turtle and frog.

This Lamp Is For Kids

Parents House 5

Apparently, some “genius” thought an illuminated Cujo lamp would help kids get to sleep. But this lamp definitely won’t cure their fear of the dark, and probably leave them scared of dogs too.

The only good thing about this dog is how fluffy he looks. But those red eyes staring back at you in the dark definitely won’t lead to a good night’s sleep.

Doll Tree For Christmas

Parents House 6

Okay, now this is creepy. I don’t know about you, but there is no way you could talk me into staying over at this house. Every family has their little obsession or inside joke, but this is one chimney Santa doesn’t want to be coming down.

Also, Pee Wee Herman doesn’t even fit in with the rest of the Victorian dresses.

Well, someone loves squirrels in the next weird find ahead.

A Proper Painting

Parents House 7

It’s hard to decide if the spot is meant to be a bellybutton or something else. It raises a lot of questions, like what are they crying about? Let’s be thankful it’s not over the piano in the front of the house.

But, someone clearly wanted to be cross-stitched like one of the French girls.

Mom’s Teeth And Dad’s Glass Eye

Moms teeth and dads eye

The eye is making sure no one steals the teeth. He’s watching your every move! This is creepy beyond my worst nightmare and should be in a museum. Next up, gallstones and kidney stones.

Yes, it’s sweet to have something to remember your parents’ by, but this might be a little too personal.

Who Let The Squirrels Out?

Parents House 9

Well, someone loves squirrels. If someone were to put this next to the doll tree, you’d have quite the decorating scheme. However, I don’t know what’s the most disturbing thing I’m seeing here.

Is it the fact that the squirrel is pooping on a toilet, or that the one behind it is having too much “fun” in the back?

The next one ahead might be low key terrifying.

It’s Time For Tea

Parents House 10

Forget the table and the rabbits: there is a pentagram on the other ceiling! Oh wait, that’s a star right there. Altogether, this is a weirder combo than mixing 7Up with Pepsi.

But, the question is, why is there a mirror aimed to see the fireplace from any angle?

Synchronized Swimming Barbie Wreath

Parents House 11

Whoever keeps decorating their house with dolls for Christmas needs to stop. I get the purpose and the fascination with Barbie dolls, but the addition of the ducks makes this even more mysterious.

It might be the home of a cult group that likes Barbies, but I’ve seen weirder things than this wreath.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Parnets House 12

Talk about interior design at its finest. It might be low key terrifying, but someone who collects mirrors has taken it too far.

Sometimes, those big mirrors are just a bit too overwhelming, and you need to get up close and personal with your face to find those blackheads.

The simplest piece of artwork is up next.

Billy Jean Or?

Parents House 13

You aren’t the only one who thinks this looks like Michael Jackson. However, there are only two people in the world who lost their nose. Lord Voldemort and the King of Pop.

He who must not be named is bald like Mr. Clean, so yeah, that’s definitely Janet’s older brother.

Great Artwork

Parents House 15

That’s kind of cool. Artwork like this deserves to be framed and hung up for all to see. As far as art goes, this is one of the better pieces of creativity.

It would take a ton of time and patience to get the job done, especially if you’re an aspiring painter.

You can prank people with the next one ahead!

Here’s Jack!

Parents House 16

For someone who’s appeared in a lot of movies, Jack might have gone crazy now. Think about it. Just picture all of the timeless roles the actor has portrayed, including the Joker in Batman.

But after he appeared in Stephen King’s The Shining I don’t think anyone would expect to see this.

When You Make It Yourself

Parents House 17

There’s nothing wrong with being creative. Most of you have done this type of art project in school, and let’s face it, your mom always loved it. No matter how good or how bad it looked, your mom will always cherish it.

If she cherishes it for a long time, it’s a keeper.

Tis The Season

Parents House 18

Okay, you can easily prank people with these. It might be difficult to do it around Halloween or even April Fool’s Day, but let’s have fun with it anyway. All you have to do is get pumpkins and put it on their heads.

That way, people will think twice about coming to your door.

For any collectors out there, the next one ahead is for you.

Not Your Average Piggy Bank

Parents House 19

All you need to know is that the cow makes for a great place to hide during hide and seek. There’s no way anyone will find you in this.

However, if someone uses this as a grill, then this isn’t the best place to hide because there’s never a bad time to grill. So please, hide and seek with caution.

Golden God Of Collecting

Parents House 21

It’s obvious that this collector is an eggorcentric person. You know what they say, a collector’s display is someone else’s clutter. I can’t help but think about all the money this person could rake in if they sell it.

Someone is already starting on their “stuff my kids don’t want” list.

Big Cow Is Watching You

Parents House 22

Maybe the cow has a hidden camera inside. That could become awkward real quick. Nobody would ever imagine a cute little cow like this to have a camera installed. But, you never know these days.

Considering kids are eating Tide Pods, maybe it’s time cows start looking over our every move.

Johnny Depp Shower Curtain

Parents House 26

Not only does this look cheap, but it’s just a bad look overall. Sure, some people are fans of the actor, but is it necessary to cut out six holes to feature his face?

Not at all, but if you have Captain Jack Sparrow on the brain, I guess it’s okay.