A Teacher Called Out Two Of His Students For Making Out At School In The Best Way

Let’s be honest, school sucks. Well, let me clarify, it sucks for students. Yes, I can hear my mom screaming at me right now talking about how important education is, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

On the other hand, it’s pretty awesome for the teachers. They get free reign to basically teach whatever they want, however they want to do it. They can be weird, mean, rude, or funny, and there’s nothing the students can do about it. The teachers in this article are a little bit of all of those things and it’s infuriating, yet hilarious.

It’s Their Life Blood

student teats
Imgur / Fusion

There are two types of teachers out there; ones that do the job to help students, and ones that do the job to feel powerful. If you went to school (hopefully you did), you’ve certainly had a teacher who got off on students freaking out over tests.

You wouldn’t even bother going to talk to them after class and begging for an extension because they dreamt about students crying in front of them. It’s kind of creepy.

Not What You Want To See The Day Of An Exam

if you didn't study
Tumblr / himynameissamanthaa

There’s this horrible feeling you get in your stomach when you avoid studying for a test for so long and you know you’re going to fail. You enter the classroom and look around to see that everyone else is calm and prepared. It’s horrible.

The last thing you want to see before the exam gets handed out is a reminder of how screwed you are in a pop culture meme format.

Spicing It Up A Little Bit

extra dad
Reddit / tredid

Look, if you’re going to dress up to teach your class when it’s not even Halloween, you better be going all out. This means that if this guy didn’t use Darth Vader’s voice the entire day, it’s a waste of time.

I mean, yes, he looks very cool — much better than the regular plaid and cargo shorts — but he can take this cosplay to the next level and become a legend.

Talks A Big Game

i have a big mouth

When someone says they have a big mouth, you should believe them. It’s not something that many people brag or lie about. For example, if someone says they have a better singing voice than Lady Gaga, you probably should ask for proof because that’s a wild claim.

This teacher said that he had a big mouth and was called out to prove it. Let’s just say he’ll never get questioned about his claims again.

Effective, But Creepy

marking mask
Twitter | @izynfrhn

There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing your professor or teacher mark your work in front of you. All of a sudden you start second-guessing your entire existence. You don’t take your eyes off the lecturer, studying their every move.

If they yawn, it probably means your work is garbage. If they smile, they’re just laughing at your answers. If they make no reaction they’re probably pondering how to fail you without making you too angry. You never win.

He Better Be Talking In A British Accent

better have a good voice
Reddit | Ginger_Rogers

If you’re going to dress up like this, you better be talking in a British accent. It’s similar to that Darth Vader outfit the other teacher was wearing in that you can’t just have your regular Jersey accent when you’re a crusader — it doesn’t work that way.

If you’re going to put all that time into putting a sweet costume together, you have to accept that you need to go full medieval accent.

Font Is A Touchy Subject

no execptions

There are very few rules that all teachers agree on. Usually, they all have different teaching styles, they all gel with different types of students, and they all have different disciplinary tactics.

But, one thing that every single teacher can come together on is font size and font type. You don’t want to cross a teacher and their Times New Roman font. I tried slipping in an Ariel font paper and was basically murdered.

Teacher Puns Are Worse Than Dad Jokes

merry x mas
Twitter | @Janedoe783

You know how dad jokes are probably the most unbearable things in the world? Well, teacher jokes are probably worse. At least if your dad tells you an unfunny joke, you can call him out and tell him that he needs to buy you a slushie if he’s going to expose you to those awful things.

But, when a teacher tries to do something funny you HAVE to laugh no matter what. Just look at this teacher’s face, he’s taking names and numbers in regards to who is laughing.

Only A Meme Lord Will Understand

then end of the sun
Reddit | That_Male_Nurse

When a teacher pulls out a solid meme, you have to give them credit. Young people only think and learn in memes, let’s be honest. We’ve never truly understood how clingy the sun was until this teacher put the picture of the crazy girlfriend meme right in the center of it.

Now we fully understand the breadth of how important the sun is to our existence. I kind of wish it was less clingy, but whatever.

The Hall Passes Are Ridiculous

hall pass

Teachers are giving out these massive hall passes that are absolutely ridiculous to carry around. But, there’s a method to their madness. No student is going to skip out on class when they have to carry a massive globe around. Not only does it make you look silly, but it’s also an arm workout just to haul around.

No longer will students be asking to go to the washroom when they don’t have to. It’s a genius idea.

They’re Semi- Human Too

i like sandwiches
Twitter / @SoDamnTrue

It’s really comforting to know that even teachers like sandwiches and have anxiety. When you were a student, your teacher would seem bulletproof. In fact, most of the time, they didn’t even register as being human.

It’s kind of comforting to know that your teacher was as scared of you as you were of them. But also, the anxiety of not having a sandwich when you’re craving one is intense.

Not How She Saw This Going

female students
Reddit | dspman11

When you’re in high school, you do dumb things and that’s just a fact. Like, stealing someone’s lunch money is never cool, but when you’re in high school and you do it, you become an alpha.

The same goes for smoking. If you smoke in high school it automatically makes you cultured and gives you your pass into the cool party kids. Something tells me that no matter how cultured smoking makes you, this girl isn’t going to be doing it again after this day.

The Cut-Throat Teacher

late assignments (2)
Reddit | EmelyGreen

If you’ve ever had a tough teacher who has no leniency, you’ve probably seen this before. They’re the ones who send you down to the office to get a late slip even though you’re only one or two minutes late.

They’re the ones that don’t even let you hand in your assignments if they’re late, they just expect you to throw them right into the garbage. I guess that’s one way to make those deadlines.

So Much Going On Here

bringing it to life
Reddit | GallowBoob

This picture is hilarious for a lot of reasons. But, the best part is that the kid sitting in the front row can’t even look in the direction of the teacher without feeling incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t blame him.

Even having to imagine what the inside of your teacher looks like is bad enough. This is taking health class to the next level — a level in which no student wants to be on.


milk jug
Twitter | @grace__sheehan

Remember when skipping class was a thing in high school? Remember when you would actually think that your teacher wouldn’t notice even though they’ve taken attendance at the beginning of class every day?

Looking back in hindsight, teachers knew so much more about us than we ever thought. This teacher was an absolute savage and would put pictures of the kids skipping her class on milk cartons as if they were missing children.

He Won’t Forget His Pen Again

pen pen (1)

This teacher hands out huge feather pens to every student who forgets their pen. While your visceral reaction might be to say that it’s sweet, it’s absolutely not. There’s nothing about getting tickled every time you write the letter “s” and the feather brushes against your neck.

This kid will never take pens for granted ever again. It may have been fun to channel your inner-medieval scholar writing with ink and a feather, but it gets old quick.

PDA Alert!

to the couple (1)

Often times the two people who are kissing in the hallway don’t even realize that they’re the “gross PDA couple.” If they do, they probably think that everyone is jealous and teachers don’t see them tongue-punching each other.

Well, let this sign be a reminder that teachers aren’t blind and when you make out in front of their classroom, you’re not invisible. It’s one thing to be 14 and see other 14-year-olds making out, it’s another to be 35 and have to walk by it without puking in your mouth.

There’s Only So Many Excuses To Use

johsn hanc e

If you lose your homework once a year, that’s not a big deal. If you lose it twice, well, now that teacher is going to start being suspicious of you.

If you lose it more than that and keep coming up with excuses like “my dog ate it” and “my little sister’s cousin’s hamster stole it” you probably deserve this award. I wonder how long it took Josh to lose this certificate?


final exam
Twitter / @81

When you’re just about to write a big test, you get very desperate. Not only will you dig the internet for previous exams in that course, but you’ll also fall for any prank.

When the desperation kicks in, so does your lack of any kind of critical thinking. There’s no way that your professor would send you exam answers, but in your moment of desperation, you think that it’s actually a possibility. Well, NOPE.

It’s Usually The Truth

crap crap

While being a teacher, in general, is usually a pretty sweet gig, there are some awful parts about it too. For example, marking the insane amounts of papers on a nightly basis would be horrible.

It’d be even worse if you had a dumb class that averaged a failing grade (which I’ve been a part of). These page dividers couldn’t be any funnier and really hit home. You’re lucky if you have one good paper for every ten bad ones.